Stem Cell Therapy


Stem cell therapy is a leading edge medical solution for the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs. VetStem regenerative stem cells use your own animal's natural healing cell from their fat tissue. IT has een show in clinical trials to reduce pain and lameness. 

How do stem cells work?

Stem cells are programmed to repair the body. They wait attached to blood vessels throughout the body until needed. When damage occurs, signals are sent to attract the stem cells providing information about the nature of the problem. The cells 'listen' then coordinate the best response to the problem. 

Stem cells work in different ways:
Block pain signals
- Reduce inflammation
- Stimulate cell regeneration
- Stimulate the formation of new blood vessels
- Limit the formation of scar tissue
- Help control the immune system response
- Reduce damaged tissue cell death

The Process

Step 1:
      Fat tissue is collected during a minor surgical procedure and sent to our laboratory.

Step 2
     VetStem trained technicians extract and concentrate your dog's own stem cells and prepare therapeutic doses per your veterinarian's instructions.

Step 3:
     Within 48 hours, millions of healing cells are shipped back to your veterinarian for injection. Any remaining cells are cryogenically frozen and stored for future use.

Is stem cell therapy right for your dog?

Does your dog suffer from pain and reduced mobility form osteoarthritis or other orthopedic condition?

Are you seeking an alternative to long-term NSAID therapy for your dog?

Is your dog not responding well to NSAIDS, or not able to tolerate NSAIDS?

Will your dog be having an orthopedic surgery? Stem cells could help improve the healing process.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, stem cell therapy could be the answer for your dog. Give us a call today to speak to your veterinarian.