Pain Management

Animals feel pain and it is no better for them than it is for us. Therefore, pain management at SylvaniaVET is a high priority. AAHA also places great emphasis on pain management in their standards.

We use a large variety of pain management tools to help keep our patients pain controlled. Injections, continuous rate infusion, local blocks and a broad selection of tablets and liquid medications are used.

There are a large number of over the counter human pain medications and none of them are safe for animals. You should never give your dog or cat aspirin, Tylenol, Advil or naprosan.

Believe it or not there are still health care advocates that claim animals do not feel pain. They are living in the Stone Age and are wrong. The animal suffers when pain medications is not prescribed.

It is difficult to tell if a pet is experiencing pain. Do not stop medications prematurely because your pet doesn’t seem to be in pain. Take our word for it, if we prescribed pain medication, your pet needs all of it.

A major reason we keep many surgeries overnight is to provide superior pain management. After their overnight recovery our surgeries go home feeling much better than if they were sent home the same day. On the other hand, practices that have no overnight staffing should not keep a pet in the building without supervision. Our 24/7 overnight staff sets us apart from all other practices.

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