Why choose SylvaniaVET

When choosing a Vet, ask yourself these questions:

Before your pet needs care, call and talk with the office. Was this first encounter positive?
(Inquire about taking a tour and meeting some of the staff.)

Inquire about AAHA membership, is the hospital accredited?
SVH is one of only 3 area hospitals in NW Ohio that are certified members of the AAHA.

What are the office hours, are there emergency services?
SVH is a 24 hour facility. We are open for appointments 8am -7pm. Outside those hours we have a doctor on call, a licensed technician and an assistant on site to care for current clients of record. Anytime you call, you will speak to a human, we do not use an answering service.

What happens if your pet has an emergency during the noon hour?
Come in, we do not close for lunch.

Can you visit your hospitalized pet 24/7?
We welcome you to visit your pet while it is sick or recovering in our facility.

Does the veterinarian practice sterile surgery?
Our facility has two sterile surgery suites that require caps, gowns, masks, sterile gloves, and sterile instruments for each procedure. Any staff member entering the suites is required to wear a cap, mask and gown to prevent contamination.

Is each surgical case monitored during the procedure? How?
Our patients are under constant supervision while under anesthesia. The technician monitors heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and respiratory rate until the patient is awake.


Are surgical cases hospitalized when necessary?
SylvaniaVET will admit any patient that needs extra care, and then give the necessary care and monitoring throughout the night.

Does the practice provide dental care?
We take great pride in our dental department. We x-ray to ensure that teeth are healthy all the way to the bone. Teeth are cleaned, evaluated, and polished. Our doctors are trained to safely remove teeth, or perform root canals. Anything that can be done to save a tooth, will be done. Check out the images on our Dentistry tab.

Does the practice send their surgery patients home with pain management?
Yes, we ensure patients are comfortable when in our care, as well as when they go home.

You must decide how important these issues are to you. We think providing the best, most up to date care for your pet is extremely important. If you agree, please feel free to choose SVH to be your pet’s doctor. We challenge you to find another practice that is as thorough and well equipped. SylvaniaVET is committed to extraordinary care. We have a large well trained staff to help make pet ownership a joy for you.

SylvaniaVET is proud to be certified with the American Animal Hospital Association, or “AAHA”. In 1978 SylvaniaVET was the first area hospital to become a fully accredited and voluntarily inspected facility. We are proud of our commitment to the highest standards of the profession for the past three decades.

Certification is based on a three year period in the following areas:

Anesthesia Protocols
Client Services
Contagious Disease Control
Continuing Education
Diagnostic Imaging
Emergency and Urgent Care
Examination Facilities
Housekeeping and Maintenance
Human Resources
Medical Records
Pain Management
Patient Care

We keep our complete hospital compliance manual on file. Please ask to see it when you next visit. We would be proud to share with you the compliments we received at our last review!