Pathology is the evaluation of cells for disease.

Almost all of our lab work is done in our fully equipped laboratory, which enables us to have results the same day. Our lab staff uses the ACE AXCEL machine to run our blood chemistry panels. We have the ability to get accurate thyroid testing, cortisol levels and even progesterone and phenobarbital levels within just a few hours. 

Our Idex Procyte CBC machine gives us a very accurate and detailed blood count and assessment within minutes. We also have the ability to run a urinalysis tests on our Idexx Sedivue machine to assess if your pet has a urinary tract infection and run a culture to see what medications will work best. We also have the ability to perform other cultures to test for bacteria too. We routinely run heartworm tests, feline leukemia and feline immune-virus tests on our Idexx Snap Pro, this machine will interpret the results for us.