March 2017




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Remember to give your dog and cat year round preventive medications for heartworm, fleas, and ticks

SylvaniaVet voted€˜Best Vet” in the Toledo area for 10 consecutive years by Toledo City Paper

 Best Groomer 2 years, Best Vet Toledo Parent News 3 years, Best Vet by Mature Living, AAHA inspected and certified since 1978

Gold level Cat Friendly Practice and Fear Free certified

In This Issue:

  1. What is AAHA?
  2. City Paper Voting
  3. Pete the Popcorn
  4. New Floors
  5. COHAT
  6. Dental Care Training
  7. Homeagain
  8. Pet Photos
  9. Inspirational Quotes
  10. Pet Loss Support Group
  11. Business Expo
  12. Chamber of Commerce
  13. Group Tours
  14. Bravecto
  15. Kidney Diets
  16. Hill’s
  17. Blood Drive

A QUICK REMINDER OF WHAT THE AAHA INSPECTED AND CERTIFICATION MEANS FOR ALL PET OWNERS-- The American Animal Hospital Association is the worldwide leader in establishing standards of excellence for the practice of veterinary medicine.  To be a certified member, as Sylvaniavet has been since 1978, a hospital must commit to meeting over 900 standards of practice and be inspected once every 3 years. In our region only three practices meet the standards of excellence to enable them to be inspected and certified. Remember, the state of Ohio does not inspect veterinary practices or other animal care facilities on a regular basis. AAHA AND SYLVANIAVET ARE CHAMPIONS OF EXCELLENCE.

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR VOTING IN THE TOLEDO CITY PAPER  ˜BEST OF”  POLL. Sylvaniavet was voted BEST VET for the 10th consecutive year in the 2016 poll. As always, we are beyond grateful for the support all of our clients, patients, and employees give us by voting to make us the best.  This honor gives us incentive to maintain our level of excellence in both patient care and client service. Recently, we received a great endorsement from Blue Pearl Referral Center when they told a client of theirs to bring  her cat to us for an after-hour emergency. Thank you  all!  WE ARE CHAMPIONS OF EXCELLENCE.

SY LVANIAVET IS HIGHLIGHTED IN THE LATEST BOOK: PETE THE POPCORN: PET PREDICAMENT. We are so excited to now have available a great children’s book about your very own, sylvaniavet! The book teaches children about owning a pet and the responsibilities that come with it. Copies of our book are available at sylvaniavet for the small fee of $12.00. The book was sponsored by the Memories Live On foundation and all sales are donated 100% to the Foundation. Other books in the Pete the Popcorn series are also available at the office.  The Pete the Popcorn series supports a mantra that Dr. Bob discusses with career classes he presents to; read for pleasure every day. Getting started early in reading habits was one goal of Pet Predicament.

OUR FLOORS ARE DONE AND THEY LOOK GREAT. We would like to thank Garage Floor Coating Company and their representative Chris Handwork for doing a great job and making the logistics of resurfacing our floors with minimal disruption to our operation.  When the main hospital area was done, medvet Emergency Clinic was a great help!  We would like to thank medvet for being there for our clients that needed care during  the flooring process. 

Also, all of our fluorescent lights have been changed to LED lights. The new tubes will provide better, more constant lighting for all hospital area for a guaranteed 10 years. We are told that LED lights use only 20% of the power of standard fluorescent tubes. LEDs do not need traditional ballast which is an expensive repair when they falter.  If you are interested in learning how you might convert your office or factory to LED give Stefanie a call and she can get you in touch with Justin Couture at Couture Home Improvement.

COHAT (COMPREHENSIVE ORAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT) IS THE ACRONYM FOR A DENTAL CLEANING. The dental specialist board developed this name to better reflect what an involved and detailed procedure a dental prophylaxis for a dog or cat involves. COHAT is so much more than just scraping the tartar off of a pet’s teeth. All dental procedures start with the safety measures necessary to make anesthesia as safe as possible (ASAP).  Once a pet is anesthetized and moved to our dedicated dental suite the first two steps are to block all oral nerves to lessen any pain associated with the procedure. Full mouth x-rays are next as there can be serious pathology under the gum line that cannot be detected by the naked eye or probing. Gum pockets are then probed measured and charted to assess the level of periodontal bone loss. Teeth that have lost 50% or more of their supporting bone have to be removed. Now it is time to scale the tarter from the tooth and under the gum. We use both an ultrasound scalar and hand scalar to do a thorough job.  While the scaling is preceding the patient’s doctor  will review all the x-rays and make determinations on the root structure health for each tooth. Should teeth need extracting; the patient’s doctor will perform the extractions and suture the gums after removal. The final step is polishing, as well as a final check by the doctor for each pets COHAT. A COHAT takes at least 1.5 hours from beginning to end and can take up to four hours in a very bad mouth.  The best time to do a COHAT is when there is only a small amount of tartar and the gums are not red or swollen. Dental specialists and AAHA recommend that small dogs have their first COHAT at 1 year and large dogs 2 years old. It has been determined that by 3 years of age 80% of all dogs and cats have started to develop periodontal disease.  Doing an early COHAT is faster, easier, and better for the pet, as well as less expensive. Once periodontal disease damage is done it cannot be repaired.  Early prevention is the only way to avoid perio disease. Pet health insurance pays a portion of annual COHAT procedures. We have pet insurance packets located at reception should you like more information on different companies.

IN LATE JANUARY WE HELD AN IN-OFFICE TRAINING SESSION FOR OUR DENTAL TECHNICIANS AND DOCTORS. This continuing education was a 1 ½ day event enabling all of us to learn more details about doing a great COHAT. One of our dental techs, Ellie, is working to become a certified dental tech and she arranged for her mentor to teach us. Ellie’s advanced training will benefit all of us, and of course, your pets. Professional dental care and home care is second only to the importance of annual exams and lab testing when it comes to helping your pet live a long, healthy, and happy life.

HOMEAGAIN MICROCHIPS ARE A GREAT IDEA FOR EVERY PET. The obvious benefit of helping find and identify your dog should it get lost cannot be overstated. In addition to identifying your pet, homeagain provides some additional benefits that more than cover the cost of the small annual fee.  Free access to the ASPCA poison control center is worth the cost by itself.  A poison control call will cost the client $50 for each call. Recently, a dog ate a full bottle of glucosamine tablets. Properly dosed, there is no toxicity but 60 pills at a time can do liver damage. The client called poison control and learned she needed to have the pet be seen immediately. The clients pet’s homeagain chip made the poison control consult free of charge.  There are several microchip companies but only homeagain provides this fabulous add on service. Having your pet homeagain microchiped costs less than $40 at sylvaniavet. Over 95% of all pets in England are microchipped

WE WANT YOUR PET’S PICTURES TO DISPLAY IN EXAM ROOMS AND HALLWAYS.  Please bring an 8x10 black and white or color picture(s) suitable for framing. We will frame them and hang them. New photos go up regularly.  We would also like to see you post any family pet pictures on our sylvaniavet face book site.

DR BOB IS ALWAYS LOOKING FOR INSPIRATIONAL PHRASES.  A few quotes that he recently found that coincide with the mission of sylvaniavet are as follows:

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.  --Aristotle

Respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained, loyalty is returned€ -- author unknown

Do you have favorite inspirations that you would like to share? Send them to We will post them on our Facebook page or the website.

PET LOSS SUPPORT GROUP IS A COMMUNITY SERVICE SPONSORED BY SYLVANIAVET TO HELP ALL AREA PET LOVERS. The stages of grief are real and not something all of us are capable of handling alone. The loss of a pet is an emotional event for all of us. The group meetings are held monthly to help those in need to recover from the five stages of grieving. Meetings are held at Christ Presbyterian Church the second Tuesday of each month from 7-8:30 PM. To learn more you may call Linda Bell, the group’s moderator, at 419-708-3680.

A RECENT STUDY FROM AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND SUPPORTS THE NOTION THAT DOGS AND CATS SHOW SIGNS OF GRIEF WHEN AN ANIMAL COMPANION DIES.  The study was based on a survey of 279 owners who owned multiple animals with one recently passing away. The findings are qualified as the study funded by Morris Animal foundation was based on the owner’s observations that might have been affected by their own grieving. The most common signs were in affection and territory behavior. Dogs were found to have decreased appetite and ate slower. They also spent increased time sleeping. Cats were reported to have increased frequency and volume of their vocalizations. Both demanded more attention from the humans in the house. They also sought out the deceased pets favorite spot. The study also determined that allowing the surviving pet to seen the deceased pets body was of no value.

SYLVANIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE’S ANNUAL BUSINESS EXPO IS SATURDAY, MARCH 25 AT TAM-O-SHANTER ON SYLVANIA AVE. The expo is a great opportunity to meet over 100 area businesses, and of course, stop by the sylvaniavet table.  Several thousand guests attend each year! The event is from 9-3 PM. Bring the family and be sure to enter the raffle for a great prize.  The expo is a great opportunity to introduce your pet owning friends to sylvaniavet.

SPRING IS A GREAT TIME TO SCHEDULE A TOUR OF SYLVANIAVET. Scout troops, school classes, and adult groups are all welcome. Our tours are geared to the age group for them to get maximum benefit from their tour.  Call the office, 419-885-4421, to schedule a tour of the BEST veterinary hospital in NW Ohio.  We will also come to your school. Dr. Bob recently talked about pets at Little Mouse preschool.

BRAVECTO IS AN ORAL FLEA AND TICK PRODUCT THAT IS LABELED TO BE GIVEN EVERY THREE  MONTHS.  We chose to not carry nor recommend this product and time is possibly proving us correct. Studies have shown that the duration of effectiveness against ticks does not last three months. As a rule we do not like long term lasting systemic products as there is no way to eliminate the medication should a negative reaction occur. Finally, to date there have been reports of severe, and in some cases, fatal reactions to the medication. At this point there is no documented proof of these reports which were first aired on an Atlanta TV station.  These uncertain reports make us glad we determined that other oral medications for flea and tick control were better. Our number one product for flea and tick control is SIMPARICA ORAL CHEW given once monthly.  It is our goal to switch most dogs from all other flea and tick products to SIMPARICA.

KIDNEY DIETS FOR CATS AND DOGS WITH RENAL DISEASE HAVE BEEN THE RECOMMENDED FIRST STEP IN TREATMENT FOR DECADES. It is known that once a pet loses 50% of their kidney function the feeding of kidney care diets will prolong the pets life by 2.5-3 times versus feeding a regular diet. Over the years the approach to the diets has changed due to ongoing research.  The newest approach is to provide increased protein or amino acids, restrict phosphorus, and supplement with omega 3 fatty acids and l-carnitine to help spare muscle wasting.  There are four companies that make kidney sparing diets that give us options if a pet does not like our first recommendation.  Most manufacturers make both a dry and canned version of their kidney diet.  A recently developed blood test called SDMA enables us to detect reduced kidney function when it reaches the 50% loss level.  Up to the development of SDMA an increase in water consumption was an indicator that 70% of kidney function had been compromised.  Early detection is helping us keep dogs and cats alive longer. Look for us to recommend an SDMA test when your pet reaches senior years.

ONE OF THE PET FOOD MANUFACTURERS WE RECOMMEND, HILLS, USES SOME OF THEIR PROFITS TO FUND PET DISEASE RESEARCH. At the end of 2016 Hills  Morris Animal Foundation awarded $830,000 to nine vet schools for a variety of research projects ranging from chemotherapy, urinary stone formation, Canine flu, and others.  There is limited money for animal disease research and the generosity of Hills and Morris Foundation is one source of pet disease funding. This is one reason we are happy to recommend Science Diet and Prescription Diet products.

RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE WILL BE HELD AT SYLVANIAVET, SUNDAY, MARCH 12 FROM 9-3 PM. CALL AND ASK FOR AMY TO SIGN UP.  We proudly provide this service to the community several times a year.