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July 2017








TOLEDO PARENT NEWS READERS VOTED SYLVANIAVET BEST VET FOR THE PAST YEAR. This is the 4th consecutive year that we have received this honor from Toledo Parent. It is wonderful to be recognized by NW Ohio pet owners as the best in the region. We do not take this honor lightly and always strive to offer the best customer service and patient care. You might find it informative to read a few of the facts that set our practice apart.

No other area practice is a pet’s full-time doctor

2. No other area general practice veterinarian staffs their building 24/7/365

3. No other general practice has a doctor on call and available for our patients 24/7/365

4. No other vet has over 30 staff members who have been certified fear free

5. No other vet is certified Gold Standard Cat Friendly Practice by the AAFP

6. No other area practice is AAHA inspected and certified since 1978 (only 2 others are even inspected)

7. We always answer our phones, no answering service or voice mail, just a real person 24/7

8. No other practice is considered a pet care destination

9. No other NW Ohio practice has an underwater treadmill and rehabilitation service


These are just 10 of our great attributes, but our list of our extraordinary care and caring could go on and on. We encourage all clients to post endorsements on Google and Text, and to take a few minutes to sing our praises on social media.

Acupuncture is taking off under Dr. Crystal’s caring touch. She recently completed advanced training in acupuncture and has received her certification. To learn more about the procedure and how it might help your pet, call and set a consultation with Dr. Crystal.

We encourage you to start brushing your dog’s and cat’s teeth every day. If you start when they are young, it becomes routine for both you and the pet. Most older pets can be trained to allow you to brush their teeth. The more you do at home the faster, easier and less traumatic it is for us when it is time for a professional dental cleaning, (COHAT: Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment). When done properly and thoroughly, a COHAT on a cat or a small dog will take 1.5-2 hours. We have a nice handout explaining our advanced approach to pet dental health. In addition to brushing your pet’s teeth daily, appropriate chews can be very beneficial! Recommended oral health products include Tartar Shield rawhide chews, Prescription Diet T/D, Dentastix, and anything softer that the pet’s teeth are great for giving chewing exercise, and also gives the pet something to do. Objects to avoid are Nylabones, horses’ and cows’ hoofs, antlers, sterilized shank bones, tennis balls, and any object that could do damage if thrown at a window or wacked on your knee cap.

The holdship family presents lilly’s pet- pal-ooza, a celebration of the human-animal bond, to be held sunday, september 17 from 2-6 pm at sylvaniavet. Sponsors for this year’s parking lot extravaganza include the Memories Live On Animal Foundation, Andy’s Army, Zoetis, and Elanco. We are still looking for vendors, rescues with animals needing forever homes, volunteers, and entertainers. Lilly was a much- loved English Bulldog who developed pancreatic cancer and died suddenly after a very short period of illness. The Pet-Pal-OOZA hopes to celebrate the loving place animals have in all our lives. Stay tuned for more details on this year’s celebration!

Bivalent canine influenza virus vaccine from our supplier zoetis has been approved and released. We will be replacing the individually packaged and injected CIV H3N2 and H3N8 vaccines with a product that contains both in one injection. The bivalent vaccine will booster the single dose vaccines when due for their annual booster. In the last two months, several outbreaks of the H3N2 strain disease have occurred in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Our recommendation to be proactive and recommend vaccinating against both strains of CIV is proving to be a prudent one. It takes over one month for a vaccinated dog to develop protection against CIV when it starts the two-shot series. Last year at least 2 cases of CIV strain H3N8 were diagnosed in our region, and a local vet/kennel had to close because of CIV cases. These 2 were the only ones we’re aware of, and there may have been more cases in our region. This is why we require vaccination against both strains of CIV for boarding, grooming, and doggie daycare.

We are sad to announce that our newest doctor, Dr. Shannon, will be moving to Winston-Salem, NC. Her husband, Westie, finished his medical school education and received his emergency medicine residency in March. They were surprised as they felt they had a great chance to stay in the area for his residency. We will miss her and hope to welcome her back after Westie completes his residency. Dr. Shannon’s last day at Sylvania VET will be July 18.

Dr Bob provided an update on his mercy weight loss diet program. In four months, he has lost 41 lbs. And has chosen to move to the long term, phase 2 portion of the plan. His weight loss was expected and because it was medically supervised safe and do-able. Feel free to ask him if you would like to learn more about the Decision Free Diet that has helped him get healthier and thinner.

Anesthesia safe as possible (asap) is our guiding principle when we recommend any procedure requiring any form of chemical sedation, including full general anesthesia. Our goal is the same as yours, sending home a fully recovered pet from any and all procedures. Recently, we added two new monitors that give us a range of vital information, including ECG, heart rate, O2 and CO 2 levels, and blood pressure. These monitors are utilized when full anesthesia is used for any dental procedure or surgery. More mild sedation is monitored with two new machines that give us status on heart rate and respirations. In addition to our new monitors, we use esophageal stethoscopes and our ECG monitor so we can assess each pet that is being given sedation or mild general anesthesia. In addition, every patient being given any form of chemical restraint is placed on IV fluids to help maintain steady state blood pressure. All patients also have the human touch as vital signs are checked and recorded every 5-10 minutes by a tech or trained assistant to ensure ASAP. Many older pets need dental or surgical care, and we do not consider age a disease. Rather, we look at physiology as opposed to chronology to make procedure recommendations.

We now recommend interceptor plus as our primary heartworm and internal parasite preventive. The back-up recommendation is Heartgard Plus. We do not recommend using generics of either of these products which, after rebates, may cost more. We also do not recommend the heartworm preventive injection, Proheart. For fleas and ticks our number one recommendation is SIMPARICA, FOLLOWED BY NEXGARD, THEN FRONTLINE PLUS. Do not buy knock off Frontline products; While the active ingredient may be the same, these generic products are not close to the same product as the brand name. We do not recommend using any flea and tick product that contains any form of Permethrin. All topically applied canine products are not as effective as the oral Simparica or Nexgard. We no longer recommend Trifexis because of palatability issues, GI complications and most importantly, no tick protection. For cats, we recommend REVOLUTION, WHICH IS APPLIED TOPICALLY BUT BECOMES A SYSTEMIC MEDICATION. ALL MONTHLY MEDS SHOULD BE GIVEN YEAR- ROUND TO EVERY DOG OR CAT.

Sylvaniavet boarding is the perfect place for your pet to stay when you can’t be home. Our boarding guests are treated like they are our own pets while you’re away. Our facility boasts 4 different sizes of kennels for dogs to accommodate even the largest of breeds comfortably. Kennel floors have radiant heating for cool weather so that no dog has to lie on a cold floor, and our air filtration system performs up to 12 air changes an hour to keep things sanitary and cut down on the spread of disease. Dogs boarding with us go outside to potty a minimum of 4 times a day, and are fed according to their schedule at home. Many boarding dogs attend our Doggie Daycare, and for those who aren’t a good fit for daycare, we have options such as Spa Time and 1 on 1 playtimes. Feline guests are housed in a separate are from the dogs, so they never have to hear the doggie noises which can stress cats out. Our kitty condos include multiple levels, a window view, and a litter box area which has separate ventilation so that kitties don’t have to smell their litter box. Both dog and cat boarding areas have respective Adaptil and Feliway diffusers to help keep our guests calm and happy. Stop in anytime for a tour of our fantastic facility, or call with any questions!

Our daycare is still the safest and best facility in the region. Our check in protocol includes a quick check for fleas and ticks and other contagious problems. Our slip free indoor flooring lessens the chance of leg and joint injury when dogs are playing together. Our staff presence on the floor with the dogs, at all times, enables us to control behavior and play that gets too rowdy. Outdoors, our pea gravel base provides secure footing that is easy on the pet’s feet, easy to clean up, and is disinfected regularly. We also have pools and a shaded canopy for dogs to enjoy their play yard. Recently, we improved drainage in the yard to help remove water from heavy rains and melted snow, which should help our play group members stay cleaner after a day of play. However, how many of us have had our kids go to the park, playground, game field, or just the back yard and come home clean? We will always do our best to send home your dog as dry and as clean as possible, but one can always conclude that a dirty dog means it had a fun play day.

NO MATTER HOW WELL BEHAVED YOUR DOG IS, TRAINING CLASSES CAN ALWAYS BE BENEFICIAL. SylvaniaVet hosts training classes presented by Bingo Dog Training once a week, with the objective of the classes being to strengthen the relationship you have with your dog. The next set of classes include: Puppy Preschool, Tricks and Games Class, and Family Dog Fundamentals. Classes start August 13th, meet weekly for one hour, and run for 5 weeks. Call the office to get your dog registered!

Sylvaniavet sponsors a pet loss support group that meets every 2nd tuesday at christ presbyterian church. Linda Bell is the trained pet loss counselor who runs each meeting. We greatly appreciate her dedication to helping pet owners in need of help coping with the loss of their pet. Linda is a real gem and we are lucky to have her skills as part of the team. Meetings are held from 7-8:30 PM, and no appointment is necessary.

When the intended purpose of a certification is abused, it can be harmful to those truly in need.Nationally, there has been a marked abuse of the American with Disabilities Act when it comes to the use of dogs for service, therapy and emotional support. There are many legitimate cases where the pet is critical to the physical or emotional wellbeing of the pet’s owner. However, there are too many ways that an animal can receive certification that is not supported by the owner’s needs. This is causing significant problems to individuals who truly need assistance dogs, as certain venues, such as airlines, have limited space for support animals. The AVMA and several state legislatures are looking at this abuse of the ADA and formulating plans to stop and punish those abusing the system. When a perfectly healthy person parks in a handicapped spot, government has determined the abuser can be fined. New legislation will be similar to this. A short article was published in the June JAVMA. If you would like a copy, ask for AVMA THERAPY DOG PAPER.

Money for animal disease research is hard to come by for veterinary researchers. Many breed groups provide research funds for the problems that are specific to that breed. This has led to finding many genetic makers of diseases that can be detrimental to the dog or cat. The charitable foundation of Hill Pet Nutrition, The Morris Animal Foundation, awards several million dogs a year in research grants for pet animal disease research. Winn Feline Foundation recently awarded over 200 thousand dollars for cat disease research. Locally, Andy’s Army (an organization dedicated to helping fund K-9 cancer research) has raised several thousand dollars to support disease research at several veterinary schools. We are very excited to have reached a mutual support arrangement with Andy’s Army and the Pet-Pal-OOZA to bring pet cancer awareness and fund raising to our events on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17.

Andy’s Army Walk and Fun Run will take place Sunday, September 17 from 9:30am-12:30pm at Side Cut Metro Park. 100% of the registration fees go directly to fund K-9 Cancer research. We strongly encourage you to join us in participating in this 1 mile event before joining us at sylvaniavet for the Pet-Pal-OOZA from 2pm-6pm that same day. Registration for Andy’s Army Walk and Fun Run can be completed at

Loyal clients who sing our praises are our greatest asset. To those of you that hear from friends and others that another of the many area veterinary options would be better, we thank you for your loyalty! Our first item this month lists just a few of the things that we have done to earn your respect and loyalty. No one cares more about you and your pets than the caring staff of SylvaniaVet. We are not a part time medical team; Rather, we are committed to you 24/7/365. We are one of only three area practices that is even inspected and certified for meeting the highest standards of veterinary care. No one is more thorough in treating your pets and communicating what we know to you. No other practice is more involved in the community with quarterly Red Cross blood drives, dog water fountains in area parks, street pickup on Holland-Sylvania, the Pet-Palooza, and much more. We are grateful when you take time to refer your family, friends, and other pet lovers you know. Every person referred to sylvaniavet earns you a $20 credit on your account, as well as $20 off their first visit. Additionally, we will put a $5.00 credit on your account when you post your rave review on any social media platform and send your endorsement post to The care, equipment, and services we offer can only be matched by a specialty referral practice, but with competitive local fees. WE ARE YOUR PETS HEALTH CARE ADVOCATE.

Life can be a whirlwind and that can make being on time for an appointment difficult for you as well as us. When we schedule an appointment for your pet, we try our best to stay on-time. We know getting here can often be a hassle what with construction, heavy traffic, or just a whirlwind of a day. We ask that you do your very best to arrive on time so that we can stay on time. Being 15 minutes late means we only have 5 minutes left for a 20-minute appointment. If you’re running late, it may be necessary to have you see another doctor, wait for an opening, or as a very last resort reschedule your appointment. We might also suggest leaving your pet for us to work his/her exam in while you go about your busy day. There will be no additional charge for this convenient option, however, we do ask you to be available by phone if we have questions or need more history.

Emergencies happen and they can be very stressful for all and can make it very difficult to stick to a schedule. Recently, we have been reviewing how we handle these emergency cases and have a modified plan on how we will go forward. If your pet has an urgent problem, please inform the appointment desk. They will tell you to come in and we will work the pet into our schedule if there is no available appointment. If your pet’s problem is not immediately life threatening, we will not charge any urgent care or emergency fee. If, on the other hand, the problem is an “all hands-on deck” problem during regular office hours, an urgent care fee will be charged. We want you to know that we will always see your pet if it needs immediate attention. In these situations, we will do all that we can to keep you apprised of the progress of getting your pet examined. After arriving and being escorted to an appropriate exam room or treatment area, a tech will triage the case and take a brief history. We will then post on our emergency board for the next available doctor. We will do everything in our power to have your pet seen in a quick and timely manner.