December 2017

December 2017 FYI For Pet's Sake

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TOLEDOCITYPAPER.COM BEST OF POLL IS IN FULL SWING UNTIL DECEMBER 20. Please take the time to vote for SylvaniaVET in its four nominated categories:

  • BEST VET - help us make it 11 years running as the acknowledged leader in high quality pet care and customer service.
  • BEST GROOMER - manned by Nancy Smith, the care and pride she applies to each individual pet is unmatched.
  • BEST DOGGIE DAY CARE - SylvaniaVET’s day care provides the safest, most closely supervised, and healthiest day care environment for your dog. While other day cares ignored the concerns about canine flu prior to the recent outbreak, our day care led the way in recommending and requiring full vaccine protection.  For this reason, when the Canine Influenza outbreak started at a local area daycare, we were able to remain open with healthy dogs.
  • BEST WORKING ENVIRONMENT - our staff of over 70 dedicated team members is committed to each other, and of course each and every client and patient. Our work environment is the reason we have a tremendous group of care giving pet care professionals providing extraordinary care and service.

Vote at before December 20. Please have all your family and friends vote for us as well!

ANNUALLY THE MEMORIES LIVE ON ANIMAL FOUNDATION AWARDS THE BOB AND CAROL SCHOLARSHIP TO AN OSU VETERINARY STUDENT. This year’s recipient is Emily Augsburger, a NW Ohio student. She is president of Christian Veterinary Fellowship and a five-year participant of Pelotonia, a three-day bike riding event that raises money for worthwhile causes. We hope to have Emily visit SylvaniaVET and do a senior year externship with us.

THE GIVING TREE IS FULLY DECORATED AND LOADED WITH GREAT GIFTS!  There are three levels of tags available for purchase: red, green, and gold. The prices of each tag are $10, $20, and $50, respectively. All gifts have been donated, and all money raised is donated to the Memories Live On Animal Foundation. Each gift has a minimum value of the price of the tag. In addition, each tag will be saved and entered into a drawing for a red, green and gold grand prize.  The red prize will be valued at $100, the green tag prize will be valued at $200 and the grand prize will be a weekend at Treetops Resort in Gaylord, MI, a value of $600. The grand prizes have been donated to the Foundation by Dr Bob and Carol. Help us raise money for our charitable foundation.  It is not too late to donate a gift(s) to be included on the giving tree!

THE AMERICAN MUSEUM OF HOUSECATS IS LOCATED IN SYLVA, NORTH CAROLINA. There are over 5000 items of feline art, collectibles and toys. All profits go to funding a no-kill, cat-only adoption center and sanctuary called Catman2 Shelter, located in Cullowhee, NC. Cat lovers, put this on your bucket list!

WE WOULD LIKE TO RECOGNIZE CARRSON KELBLEY FOR HER THOUGHTFULNESS AND GENEROSITY. She and her mother got talking about the affects that the hurricanes and the California fires had on pets, and she wanted to help. Carrson had an upcoming birthday party at the Imagination Station and decided to use her imagination to help animals. The party invitations indicated that instead of presents, each guest was to bring a bag or case of dog or cat food to be donated to local rescues. TV-13 learned about her birthday wish and did a nice story on her and her party. Over 200 lbs. of pet food were collected and donated to PAWS and Whiskers Cat Shelter and Toledo Animal Shelter. Congratulation Carrson for being such a mature and caring 8 years- old!!!

AS OF THIS PUBLICATION, THE CIV OUTBREAK THAT AFFECTED MANY DOGS IN NW OHIO SEEMS TO BE JUST ABOUT OVER.  Many area vets saw a large number of sick dogs, one reporting up to 300 cases. This was because many area practices and animal care facilities did not previously recommend the CIV vaccine. SylvaniaVET was the leader in understanding the potential serious consequences of a Canine Influenza outbreak and began recommending and requiring vaccinations against both the N8 and N2 strains of CIV several years ago. All area daycares, groomers, and boarding facilities were invited to an educational seminar over 18 months ago and informed about the severity of an outbreak and the availability of the vaccine. At that time, SylvaniaVET chose to follow the vaccination recommendations suggested at the seminar. It is critical that if you still have not gotten your dog vaccinated that you do so. It is also imperative that after receiving the two-shot series, you keep up the protection with annual boosters. Many communities have had more than one outbreak of the Canine Flu. It is important that your dog receive vaccines for both N2 and N8 strains. WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU ONLY PATRONIZE GROOMERS (including mobile groomers), KENNELS, DAY CARE, PET STORES, AND OTHER PET SERVICE PROVIDERS THAT REQUIRE FULL VACCINATION AGAINST CIV.  As an interesting side note, 2017 is the 100 year anniversary of the world wide human flu pandemic that killed over 10 million people. Get your flu shot too!

HOME DENTAL CARE IS CRITICAL TO YOUR PET HAVING A HEALTHY MOUTH.  Brushing your pet’s teeth every day is the gold standard of home care. We recommend that you use a dog toothpaste, not a human brand. Concentrate on the outside of the teeth and gums, using a lot of paste so that some will be pushed to the inside. The tongue is a good brush when combined with the tooth paste. Pet paste should have a tartar preventive chemical and some pumice for increased abrasion. Having the groomer or boarding staff occasionally brush your pet’s teeth is not sufficient, ideally teeth should be brushed daily. Brushing your pet’s teeth on a regular basis will make dental cleanings less expensive and less complicated.

DR JEN AND VET STEM COMPANY WORKED TOGETHER LAST MONTH TO DO OUR FIRST STEM CELL TREATMENT ON A DOBERMAN PINSCHER’S ARTHRITIC KNEES. The dog had bilateral ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligaments, one of which was operated on and stabilized. The other knee was not stabilized and became very thickened and arthritic. Both knees were injected with stem cell harvested from the dog’s body fat, processed by Vet Stem and returned to be both injected in both knees and given IV. Now two weeks later, we can report that the dog’s overall energy has increased and walking has started to improve as well. Stem cells can be used instead of having to depend on a variety of arthritic medications. Long term use of medications can exceed the cost of stem cell treatments and not have the potential side effects. Stem cell treatment is not a last ditch effort, but rather a viable option when arthritic joints are diagnosed. Ask us for more information about this state of the art arthritis treatment.

SYLVANIAVET BOARDING MAKES YOUR PET’S HOLIDAYS SPECIAL! In addition to the many special options available on a regular basis (such as scrambled eggs, Yoghunds, One on One Playtimes, Spa Time, and much more), we offer a pet friendly holiday meal so that your pet can get in the holiday spirit as well! Please let us know at your pet’s admit if they have any dietary restrictions. We are excited to spend the holidays making your pet feel at home!

THERE ARE DOZENS OF JOINT SUPPLEMENTS AVAILABLE FROM MANY SOURCES, INCLUDING SYLVANIAVET. One key fact is that there are two types of glucosamine used in joint products. Glucosamine sulfate has no studies to support its usefulness in stimulating the growth of cartilage cells. However, glucosamine hydrochloride has shown to be beneficial. Chondroitin sulfate works by inhibiting cartilage-destroying enzymes. This ingredient can be costly to produce and must be in a low molecular weight version for proper intestinal absorption. An avocado-soybean product has also been shown to help slow the structural joint changes associated with osteoarthritis. MSM has no published studies that support its benefit. Boswellia serrata has been shown to have NSAID-like effects on arthritis. 

We have researched many joint products and determined that the best product readily available is Dasaquin Advanced by Nutromax. Many pet stores sell Cosequin by Nutromax. This product is the first line joint protective, while Dasaquin Advanced is their superior third line product. In other words, they have improved Cosequin twice since it was first developed. We also have had positive experience with Tricox.

It is important to know that nutraceuticals are not regulated by any agency and are not all created equal. An independent lab analyzed over 30 commercially available joint products that were all labeled to contain 500mg of glucosamine. The study was for actual content of the active ingredient. Only 7 of the over 30 products tested actually showed the 500mg of glucosamine. When managing arthritis, you should, in addition to Dasaquin Advanced or Tricox, consider daily use of Omega 3 fatty acids of cold water fish sourcing. Flax seed omega 3’s are not well absorbed. It is important that 100 mg/ kg of body weight be given daily. The total 100mg should contain both EPA and DHA.  We have a great article with much more detail if interested, simply ask for JOINT SUPPLEMENTS.

DOG LICENSES ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL DOGS IN LUCAS COUNTY. Sale of 2018 yearly licenses will start December 1st and SylvaniaVET has agreed to be a dog license dealer for Lucas County this year! The $.75 fee that is attached to the cost of each license will be donated to the Memories Live On Animal Foundation. All dogs in the County must be licensed by January 31st or face a penalty. Why not buy your dog’s license from SylvaniaVET and help the Foundation as well?

FLEA AND TICK TRANSMITTED DISEASES ARE THE MAIN REASON WE RECOMMEND YEAR-ROUND PREVENTIVE MEDICATIONS BE ADMINISTERED TO YOUR DOG AND CAT. We have discussed the many tick transmitted disease that we see in our region (Ehrlichia, Lyme disease, Anaplasma) for which we test annually. In addition, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever occurs in our region. Fleas can and do transmit diseases to both dogs, cats, and humans. “The Human Plague” of the middle ages was transmitted by bacteria carried by the flea. Cat scratch disease is caused by a bacterial called Bartonella, and is transmitted by flea feces deposited on a cat or dog’s skin. It is important that that when giving a pet a flea bath you wear gloves. We recommend Simparica as our first line flea and tick preventive for dogs. Frontline Plus is our topical of choice for Dogs, and Revolution for cats. Don’t get casual in the winter, give flea, tick, and heartworm preventive year-round.  Ask for Bartonellosis for more details on this post.

PET HEALTH INSURANCE SHOULD BE ON YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION LIST. Much fewer that 5% of USA pets are insured while in Europe over 25% are insured. We accept all plans and have had positive experiences with every plan. We have a packet of brochures that can get you started on the pathway to insuring your pet; however, we are not insurance sales persons and leave it up to you to do the research and find the plan right for your family pet(s).

WE ARE NOT 100% OPPOSED TO DECLAWING CATS, BUT WE ARE DEVELOPING A PROGRAM FOR CAT OWNERS TO NOT MAKE DECLAWING A DEFAULT OPTION FOR MOST CATS. The American Association of Feline Practitioners strongly opposes surgical declawing. We recognize that many cats would not have a home without being declawed. Therefore, it is our job to educate and provide options for you to consider before the last resort of surgical declawing. Many of the concerns that exist are not science based and use unfounded emotional arguments to discourage declawing. We oppose this approach. What we hope to do as the new year unfolds is have a program that can enable most cats to keep their claws. We plan to have a variety of scratching devices, nail trim options, nail covers and other helpful items. If all fails, then our surgical laser declawing procedure and advanced pain management is going to be available. More to come early next year.

BASED ON A RECENT SURVEY, PET OWNERS DO NOT ENRICH THEIR PETS LIVES ENOUGH. Among veterinarians that responded to a DVM 360 poll, 99% think increased enrichment could help a pet’s health, and 43% felt that half of their dog patients needed more enrichment. For cats, the vets felt 75% needed more enrichment.  We do spend time discussing play and enrichment at wellness visit. If we fail to ask about exercise, play, and other enrichment activities, please ask us before the end of your pet’s annual wellness visit.  Walking your dog, playing fetch, base runner, and monkey in the middle are great ways to enjoy and enrich your dog’s life. We recommend playing fetch with a lacrosse ball as opposed to a tennis ball. We have a supply of lacrosse balls for sale in our lobby. Tennis balls are extremely detrimental to a dog’s teeth.  For cats, climbing trees, soft toys, laser pointer chase, and feather on a stick are great ways to make their life better and healthier. Go to for more great ideas.

SYLVANIAVET HOSTS REGULAR TRAINING CLASSES THROUGH JAY BARMAN FROM BINGO DOG TRAINING. The schedule for classes beginning in the New Year will be available soon. Call for more details or to enroll your dog!

SYLVANIAVET SPONSORS A PET LOSS SUPPORT GROUP THAT MEETS EVERY 2ND TUESDAY AT CHRIST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Linda Bell is the trained pet loss counselor and runs each meeting. We greatly appreciate her dedication to helping pet owners in need of help coping with the loss of their pet. Linda is a real gem and we are lucky to have her skills as part of the team. Meetings are held from 7-8:30 PM, and no appointment is necessary.




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