August 2017



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In this issue: Lilly’s pet-pal-ooza, Jack’s pooch plunge, OTC medications, and much more.

Holdship family presents lilly’s pet-pal-ooza to be held sunday, september 17 from 2-6 pm. We have combined our event with Andy’s Army to bring a full day of fun and celebration of the human-animal bond. Andy’s Army will be holding a fund-raising fun run at Side Cut Park for the first part of the day, with registration starting at 9:30 AM. There are multiple ways to register: We have applications for the run/walk, you can enter on line at, or you can register that morning at the event. Andy’s Army raises money for canine cancer research.

The Pet-Pal-OOZA will start at 2pm, and will have vendors, rescues, food, entertainment, Packo’s mascot, free pony rides, and lots more fun. Parking and admission to this great family event are free! The PET-PAL-OOZA is sponsored by: MEMORIES LIVE ON ANIMAL FOUNDATION, ANDY’S ARMY, ELANCO, AND ZOETIS. We hope to see you there!

Many previous fyi’s have presented the facts that there are no safe human over the counter pain and fever medications that can be given to pets. Aleve, Advil, Aspirin, and Tylenol all have serious and potentially fatal side effects when given to a dog or cat. All except Tylenol are NSAIDS. Over 20 years ago, Rimadyl, the first animal approved NSAID was developed by Pfizer Animal Health. Today Rimadyl (carprofen) is still considered the first and best dog NSAID. While any medication has the potential for serious side effects, millions of doses have been prescribed with a low incidence of adverse reactions. Since Rimadyl was developed, other similar acting medications and now generic Rimadyl are available. When compared to number of doses of Rimadyl given, none of them are safer or have a lower percentage of adverse reactions reported. We recommend and dispense Rimadyl ,and are comfortable having you medicate your dog either for short term pain or long term chronic pain. We also carry a generic carprofen but will always try to start with the brand name to assess efficacy. We can then try generic and see if it works as well. Generics and brand name products are not always equal and do not always have the same benefit.

To make staying on Rimadyl more cost effective, there are two reward programs. A $10 rebate on the first prescription of Rimadyl should go home with you when you take home the prescription. Long term users of Rimadyl will benefit from the program. We will help you get enrolled in this reward plan. All dogs that take any NSAID medication for over a month need to have kidney and liver tests run before continuing past the first month. Every six months while on the medicaiton this testing needs to be repeated.

GALLIPRANT IS A NEW TYPE OF ARTHRITIS MEDICATION THAT DOES NOT HAVE THE SIDE EFFECTS OF NSAIDS. It is more expensive so is not our first choice for long term chronic pain. We also prescribe and dispense Meloxicam, a liquid NSAID.

Dogs have been domesticated for over 30,000 years, which explains their bonding and acceptance of humans. On the other hand, cats were thought to have been human companions for only 4,000 years. A recent Blade article contends that research may have determined that cats accompanied humans as long as 9,000 years ago. Many characteristics found in these ancient cats exist in cats today. This may explain why cats are not as adapted to living inside with humans and seem capable of reverting to their more wild state easily. The feral cat problem is partially indicative of this theory. Cats can be and are happy members of a household when their independent needs, hunting habits and other more wild traits are accommodated. To find ways to give your cat a private sanctuary, a place away from litter to eat and drink and enrichment, go to

The american humane society estimates over 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the u.s. every year, and that 1 in 3 pets will become lost at some point during their life. In addition to keeping a collar with identification tag on your pet, getting them microchipped is another method of identification, and one that can’t fall off and get lost. It’s important to remember to register the microchip after its implanted, so that your information can be easily found if your pet gets lost. Ask us about the process to get your pet microchipped.

Acupuncture is taking off under dr crystal's caring touch. She recently completed advanced training in acupuncture and has received her certification. We also have remodeled one of our exam rooms to provide the ambiance needed to get optimal results from the treatment. To learn more about the procedure and how it might help your pet, call and set a consultation with Dr. Crystal.

The 6th Annual Jack's Pooch Plunge Will Be Held Sunday, September 10 at Plummer Pool In Sylvania. The dogs ALWAYS have a blast and so will you. You do not need to be member of Glass City Dog Park to come and enjoy so be sure to share and invite your friends. All well behaved pups are invited, but be sure your pups are current on vaccinations. Session 1 is for Small Dogs only from 1PM - 2:30PM. Session 2 is for Large Dogs from 2:30PM - 4:45PM. $5 Admission per dog, and all benefit the Glass City Dog Park.

SylvaniaVet boarding has added to its list of treats for pets staying with us. Starting in August, you now have the option of providing Your dog with a delicious and refreshing home-made strawberry-banana PUP-sicle! These tasty treats are prepared by the boarding staff with dog-friendly ingredients. They join other delicious items such as Frosty Paws, Yo-Pup by Yoghund, Peanut Butter Kongs, and Scrambled Egg breakfasts. Our boarding department also offers extra ways for your pet to burn off energy while lodging with us, including Doggie Daycare, 1 on 1 playtimes, and Spa Time! Call today for more information about how to make your pet’s boarding visit extra fun.

SylvaniaVet sponsors a pet loss support group that meets

The 2nd Tuesday of every month at Christ Presbyterian

Church. Linda Bell is the trained pet loss counselor who runs each meeting.

We greatly appreciate her dedication to helping pet owners in need of help

Coping with the loss of their pet. Linda is a real gem and we are lucky to have

Her skills as part of the team. Meetings are held from 7-8:30 PM, and no

Appointment is necessary.

Loyal clients who sing our praises are our greatest asset.

To those of you that hear from friends and others that another of the many

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