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November 2015



Remember to give your dog and cat is monthly preventive medicine!


Best of Voting

Best of voting in the Toledo City Paper began October 21 and SylvaniaVET needs your vote to help us win for the ninth year in a row. It won’t take much time to access the on-line ballot at and vote for at least 30 area businesses in a large variety of categories.  There are four items that SylvaniaVET qualifies to be nominated; we ask that you vote us BEST VET, BEST GROOMER AND BEST PET BOARDING/DAY CARE. YOU CAN THEN VOTE OUR TRAINER JAY’S BUSINESS, BINGO DOG TRAINING, AS BEST TRAINER. Please help us hit a grand slam and win all four categories. Ask your family to help out by voting for us as well.  Voting ends at 5 PM December 1, so you have plenty of time.

Dog Training Classes

Rave reviews of our new trainer, Jay Barman and his business Bingo Dog Training continue to pour in.  A happy client commented that her dog never was comfortable around strange men but was immediately attracted to Jay. She was flabbergasted at the dog’s quick acceptance of Jay.  Classes fill quickly and there is no dog that cannot benefit from an obedience class or a refresher class.

How Marijuana Affects Our Pets

The legalization of marijuana in the state of Ohio is on the November ballot.  Many aspects of the new amendment to the State constitution have been presented and discussed. One component of the legalization discussion has received little to no coverage is the impact of more readily available THC containing marijuana on our pets. This of course is a big issue from our perspective.  Over the years we have seen a few dogs that have discovered a smoker’s stash and consumed some or all of the plant material. After much probing we were able to discover that the pet was showing signs of marijuana intoxication. With legalization in several states the number of cases of toxicity in pets has increased dramatically. In states where the drug is legal and readily available in forms other than plant material pets are more likely to eat the baked good or candy laced with THC. The newer forms of THC are more potent leading to much more severe toxicosis in dogs.  Twenty years ago the percentage of THC in a marijuana plant was 3.96% in 2013 the amount had increased to 12.33%. Clinical signs have progressed from red eyes, dribbling urine, stumbling gait and lethargy to stupor, coma, low blood pressure, seizures and death.  Remember, dogs don’t show restraint when given access to something they want to eat. A plate of brownies to a baggie of candy is fair game to the dog with a sweet tooth.  You might want to consider the impact of ready access on young children who all love sweets and don’t know what they are eating.  Another concern is the quality control of the producers of THC containing products. There is no oversight of this industry by any government organization, like the USDA, FDA etc.

Santa –Pet Pictures

Santa-Pet Pictures are scheduled for Sunday, December 6 from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm in the hospital learning center (daycare). We are trying something different this year and hope that you like it. When we started this tradition we were one of a very few organizations that took Santa pictures. Since then dozens of opportunities to have pictures taken with Santa have started.  Our event has been used as a way to raise money for the hospitals Memorial Foundation.  This year we are trying something different which we hope you will like and enjoy.  We will have two backdrops to pose your pets, family and others with Santa. You will be the photographer.  We will have someone that will assist with the pictures and use your camera or phone should you want to be in one of the sittings.  You may have pictures taken in either or both backdrops if you wish. WE ASK THAT YOU MAKE A TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION TO THE MEMORIES LIVE ON ANIMAL FOUNDATION when you arrive.  Of course there will be treats for both pets and family. There will be a sign up sheet at the front desk to spread out the demand for pictures.  Our mascot Mutley will be there and can be included in the pictures if you wish. We hope to allocate about 5 minutes per family and hope to raise over $500. Finally, this will be a great opportunity to buy a card off the giving tree.

Giving Tree

Last year the giving tree was a great success in helping us raise money for the Memories Live on Animal Foundation.  This year’s giving tree will be a little different than lasts but with more tags, arranged in groups.  Gold tags will sell for $20 and will represent gifts of equal or greater value. Red tags will sell for $10 and will have prizes that can exceed a value of $10. There is a little luck of the draw associated with the red tag. Green tags will sell for $6 and have a prize worth at least $6 but less than $10. All gold and red tags will go into a drawing for a grand drawing yet to be determined.  We would love to promote your business by listing you as a giving tree donor. We hope to have 200 tags this year. If you would like to donate a gift, discount coupon, or other valuable please contact AMY.  The giving tree will be up about mid month and stay active until after New Years.

Please Bring in Pictures of your Pet

Last month we asked for 8x10 pictures of your dog or cat so that we might be able to display them in exam rooms or hall ways.  We have received a few pictures but are in need of many more. Please take the time to drop off a color or black and white picture of your pet(s).

SVH Services

The last couple months we highlighted a few unusual or little known services SylvaniaVET provides. This month we are going to start an in depth looks at a number of service areas included in the SylvaniaVET pet care destination.  We will start with the most fun service we provide, Doggie Day Care.  Our daycare area is fully staffed with employees that are always intermingling with our guests. They know each and every pet by their name and see to it that each dog remains well behaved and friendly to other daycare dogs. Indoors we have 2200 sq ft with padded secure rubberized flooring.  This is easier on the dog’s feet and helps prevent injury. The outdoor play yard is pea gravel and securely fenced. Regardless of the weather someone is always outside providing supervision to each dog. This year we installed a car port canopy to provide shelter from sun and rain for dogs and employees both. Tabbitha is the day care manager and she has trained her staff of six, Kara, Katie, LeeAnn, Erica, Amanda, and Taylor, fun loving people to enable our guest to have a fun and safe experience at SylvaniaVET Doggie Daycare!

Greenies Dental Chews Update

For years we have sold and promoted Greenies as a dental care consumable treat. Recently, we have learned, after talking with the Greenie Company, that the active ingredient that made Greenies a dental benefit has been removed. This means that the only benefit a pet gets from eating a Greenie is the chewing exercise.  Given that Greenies are somewhat calorie dense we want you to know there is little dental benefit to your dog from eating a Greenie. We have moved Greenies to the retail treat shelf up front. We have removed Greenies from our home dental care kit that goes home with each dog after a dental cleaning. To replace Greenies will be substituting Tartar Shield chew and Oravet chews. Look for both in the dental care retail space.

Flu Shot

Have you gotten your flu shot yet? If not we encourage you to do so. Have you had your dog vaccinated against Canine Influenza yet?  If not we encourage you to do so as CIV continues to occur all around us. Cases have been reported throughout Ohio and as close as Macomb county Michigan.  There is no risk to your dog when it receives CIV vaccine.

Let Us Help

Are you a member of an organization that would like to have a speaker at your next meeting or would like to take a tour of the hospital?  If either need appeals to you just give us a call and ask for A’ndrea and she can make all the arrangement.

Pet Health Insurance

It is time for you to give serious thought into buying pet health insurance for your pet(s).  This small monthly expense can make the difference between you being able to have a major surgery for your pet or allowing treatment, so that they can survive a major illness. There is nothing we hate more than to hear that “as much as we love our pet we cannot afford the treatment”. When you have devoted your life to gain the education and facility to provide superior care that phrase is a real downer. Pet health insurance takes the financial worry out of pet care, plain and simply. We have a packet of brochures for several companies that will help you make a decision.  Just in… Hartville Pet Insurance group has established a partnership with Target, you may learn more on the Target website.

Fear Free Environment

SylvaniaVET is working hard to create a fear free environment for each dog and cat visit.  Our separate dog and cat side, separate cat rooms, cat hospital within the building are all things that enabled us to be the only AAFP gold standard cat friendly hospital in NW Ohio.  If your cat or dog hates to come for visits ask us what we can provide to help make the pets visit less stressful for all. Dogs show a variety of signs that represent anxiety.  The list is too long for this forum but we will post the list on our website, For fearful dogs it is almost always best if some form of mood altering drug be given to them prior to the visit. If your pet is going to receive an IV catheter prior to a procedure we clip the site and apply a penetrating tropical cream, EMLA, to provide local pain management prior to catheter placement.  Just one of the many little things that make your pets visit to SylvaniaVET special.

Brachycephalic Dogs

Brachycephalic dogs like English Bull Dogs, Pugs and others frequently have restricted air way problems. These breeds can have too much tongue for its short mouth, not much we can do about that is there? Their nostrils can be too narrow to allow easy nasal inspiration. Often their soft palate is too long and it gets in the way of the larynx causing snoring, shortness of breath and exercise intolerance.  We do a surgical procedure to open narrow nares and shorten the soft palate making it much easier for the dog to breathe.  Enlarging nares on Persian cats can also be done.

Making it Easy

It’s an exciting time at my daughter’s home near Akron, they have a new puppy.  Of course they want us to care for the pup and we will, but at times there may be a need for local care.   We have not seen Scarlett yet and look forward to meeting the families new Bernese Mountain Dog. Late last month Scarlett needed a fecal sample ran to check for parasites as she had a soft stool and increased urges to go.  Multiple phone calls turned up at a group of vet practices that made it very difficult for something that should have been a simple request.  The need for the fecal sample came up late on a Friday. Here are a few of the comments that she received; “we have no appointments for Saturday, we are not open on Saturday, we cannot run a fecal sample without an exam and we have no time, we can take the sample but results will not be back until Tuesday and from the local ER, it will be a $100 plus the cost of the fecal plus the cost of any meds”.  These were not client friendly or pet caring comments and would never be said to a client or potential client at SylvaniaVET.  It might interest you to know that our organization chart is designed like a wheel with the client and their pets at the hub.  What does your business org chart look like?

Award for Dr. Bob

Dr Bob has been a member of two national veterinary organizations for his entire career.  Last month he received notification that he has been award a lifetime membership to both AVMA and AAHA “that’s just another indication I have been doing this a long time” was his comment.

Microchipping Pets

We would like to encourage you to have all your pets’ microchipped. In addition to being permanently identified and registered to you as the owner our Homeagain chip gives you free access to the ASPCA poison control hot line. This is a service that would otherwise cost you $60. Homeagain chip is the most reliable and least likely chip to migrate once injected between the pets shoulder blades. Our cost for chipping your pet and its registration is a very reasonable at $40.49.

Expanding Our Ability to Dog Breeders

Next month Dr. Bob and one of our techs, Julie, will be going to Dallas to learn the process so that SylvaniaVET can become a freezing center for pure bred dog semen. This is the final step in expanding our ability to serve the regions dog breeders. We will be the only freezing center in a region of over 100 miles radius. We currently provide OFA service to certify dog’s hips and elbows.  We do in house progesterone testing that enables us to help select a proper breeding date or when to schedule an elective c-section . We do artificial insemination to dogs that cannot be bred naturally. Our 24/7 care means that should an emergency c-section be necessary we will be here for the client.  

Nationwide Insurance Polled for the Wackiest Pet Names of 2015

 There are some very humorous and imaginative names for both dogs and cats:


1 BARON VON FURRY PANTS, had longer hair on back of lets than anywhere else on its body

2 Artoo Dogtoo

3. Rosie Picklebottom

 4. Parker the Barker

5. Abigail Carmichael Spartacus

6. Smiley Cyrus (you need to see the picture)

7. Nutmeg Spice O’Paris

8. Abraham Lincoln Continental

9. Bizkit Au Chocolat

 10. Scuddles Unterfuss



2. Fuzz Lightyear

 3. Captain Pancake

 4. Sir Nigel Mewomittens of Oscelot Court

5. Ziggy OllyoxenFree,

6. Zelda Nacho,

7. Sophistikitty,  

8. Conelius McPudnss Vandercat,

9. Sir Theodorable Purrsalot

 10. Star Wars Steve

So what do you think, many seem contrived and boarder on the ridiculous side? Dr. Bob’s favorite of all time is a Boa Constrictor called Julius Squeezer.  Many of us like names that play on the family name or some other personal handle.  

Checking Every Pet before Daycare

Daycare facilities should be checking every guest every time they are admitted to the play group for warts and fleas.  Our daycare staff does these checks religiously. We recently checked a dog that attended another area day care that had warts on its lip. We removed the warts surgically and the pet should be able to return to daycare in a couple weeks.  Warts are highly contagious between dogs that play together and are caused by a virus. Just like kids get head lice at school dogs can get warts at play group. The real concern isn’t that warts happen but that dogs are not checked regularly and advised they cannot come until cleared. Fleas cannot be allowed to enter a daycare. A contaminated facility can cause many dogs to take fleas home to the house and other pets.  Every dog in a day care should be on a monthly flea treatment. At least two yearly stool checks should be done for dogs attending any day care. Up to date vaccines including Canine Influenza Virus should be mandatory at every day care.

Pet Weight and Diet

“I knew you were going to say that” when Dr. Bob recently opened a pets wellness visit with a comment about the dog having gained 12 pounds in a year and was way too heavy.  This discussion was probably the most important part of that yearly wellness visit.  Our client knew he was going to bring up the pet’s weight but didn’t want to hear about it, again.  Dr Bob readily admits he should apply the same standards of weight concerns to himself but still pushes forward to help the lives of his patients.  Want  a glimpse of what your dog or cat should weigh look at the history and what its weight was at one year of age. Most animals are fully grown by a year of age but have not started to bulk up yet. The 7 year old pet in question weighed 72 lbs at the current visit and at one year weighed 38.  When we did metabolic measurements we learned that 40 lbs was ideal and the dog was in the 50 percentile for fat. Fat has hormones that shut down fat burning genes and cause inflammation in the body. It is necessary to feed a diet that helps restart these genes and feed the pet to its ideal weight. We placed this pet on Hills Metabolic diet and expect to see it reach its ideal weight in about a year.  If we have told you your dog is too heavy and haven’t offered to do metabolic measurements please ask us. the measurements are quick, easy and painless and enable us to determine the proper about of food or more specifically calories to feed daily.