July 2012

PIZZA PALOOZA WILL BE HELD AT CENTENNIAL TERRACE JULY 27th & 28th FROM 5 PM TO MIDNIGHT. There will be eight pizza vendors providing pizza by the slice. Dr. Bob is going to be a judge this year for the best pizza. Live music will be provided by six different bands including Johnny Rocker and the Hetman and Kentucky Chrome. SylvaniaVET is a proud sponsor of Pizza Palooka. There will be activities for kids as well as lots of fun and dancing for the adults. Cost is $5 for adults, $3 for kids 5-12 and free for children under 5 years old.

DOWNTOWN MAUMEE WILL HOST A PET FAIR SATURDAY AUGUST 18th from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Bow Wow Bash is sponsored by the Downtown Maumee Business Association. Numerous area rescue organizations, vendors and of course SylvaniaVET will be there. There will be a dog parade starting at 10 a.m. The Bash will be held in conjunction with the Maumee Summer Street fair. The location of the Bow Wow Bash is a grassy corner at Conant & Broadway streets.

HELP SUPPORT PETS IN NEED AND A FAMOUS LOCAL ARTIST.Memories Live on Animal Foundation has teamed up with Carruth Studios to provide an exciting collection of sculpted artwork to decorate your home and garden. The Memorial Foundation receives 40% of the proceeds AND your contribution is TAX DEDUCTIBLE! Please save your receipt for your records – the tax ID number for the Foundation will be at the bottom of the page. From now until August 1st, you may place your order for any of the selected items listed in the Carruth catalog. The order must be placed at SylvaniaVET. Payment is due at the time your order is placed; please make checks payable to “Memories Live on Animal Foundation.” Your beautiful pieces of stone artwork will be delivered to SylvaniaVET by late August. Carruth items are a great gift of any animal loving person. Get that hard to buy for auntie out of the way before the Christmas rush.

WE HAVE FOUND IT NECESSARY TO POSTPONE the bird seminar scheduled for this month. We are now hoping to get everything in place for early November. Finding an avian nutrition speaker that was available proved to be far more difficult than expected. We will keep you posted.

OUR MIDSUMMER ADOPT-A-THON IS SCHEDULED for Sunday, July 22nd from 12-3 in our Canine Learning Center.  Summer is a great time to give a rescued animal, in need of a family to love, a forever home. As always we will have several area rescue organizations and their animals there to show the dogs, cats, puppies and kittens in their care. Bring the kids and grandparents to view and spend a few minutes looking for that perfect addition to your family. Did you know that families with pets have been shown to have better behaved and more responsible children?

FIRST ANNUAL POOCH PLUNGE will be held Sunday, September 9th.  SylvaniaVET and area rescue organizations are teaming with a local citizen, Dave Spiess.  This will be our fall kick off adopt-a-thon as we support Dave’s event held in honor of his father. For five dollars your dog will be allowed to swim in Plummer Pool in downtown Sylvania’s Burnham Park. The pool is scheduled to be drained the following week. The entire entry fee will be donated to an area organization dedicated to bringing a dog park to NW Ohio. A goodie bag full of great swag will be presented for each paid entry and of course there will be adoptable animals at this outdoor event. Look for more details as the summer progresses. A Facebook page and Twitter account will be up soon for the event.

DR. BOB AND OTHER SYLVANIAVET STAFF MEMBERS WILL BEGIN A WEEKLY INTERNET RADIOPET SHOW SATURDAY JULY 7th. The show will be called Petsylvania. Dr. Bob will take question to be answered on air at every Saturday morning at 10 a.m. The half hour program will bring pet care, pet product, pet disease, and area rescue information to the listening public. We encourage you to e-mail your questions to the WYSL address by Thursday of each week. The show will taped on Friday morning for broadcast the next day. Ultimately we hope to broadcast live but that is in the future. Sponsors for the show will be Elanco, makers of Trifexis and Comfortis and of course SylvaniaVET.

WE ARE IN THE HEART OF TICK SEASON AND ON THE THRESHOLD OF WHAT WILL PROBABLY BE A MAJOR FLEA YEAR.Ticks tend to be an early spring through summer problem. Hence we recommend starting tick prevention when the spring weather arrives. As tick season starts to wane the fleas pick up the gauntlet and carry on to or through Thanksgiving. That assumes you have not gotten a flea infestation in the house. The CDC and the Companion Animal Parasite Counsel recommend flea control year round in all flea prone areas which includes our geographic area. We have two protocols for flea and tick control that both include monthly heartworm control as well. The first is the old tried and true protocol which involves using Heartgard plus once a month for heartworm prevention. At the same time you would apply Frontline Plus for flea and tick control. Brand name Frontline Plus works as well as it ever did as long as it is properly applied to only the pet’s skin. You must not allow the product to run up onto the hair as it will not work and can be washed off. Our newest protocol is using a new combination monthly tablet called Trifexis that treats fleas and prevents heartworm. For tick control we recommend a Scalibor collar that repels and kills ticks for up to six months. Scalibor is also labeled to repel mosquitoes and will have a mild topical effect on fleas.

There are several new, generic products on the market being sold at big box and pet stores. We do not recommend any of these products as the only thing they have in common with Frontline is the active ingredient Fipronil. Another product has an active ingredient we know nothing about its efficacy or safety.

We have coupons for rebates on Heartgard and Trifexis and free product for Frontline. We will be sure you always get the best deal when you buy from us and of course we will be here to answer questions and support anything we have sold you.

IT IS ALSO IMPORTANT THAT YOU PROTECT YOUR CAT(S) AGAINST HEARTWORM AND FLEAS. Even cats always living indoors are at risk for exposure to the mosquito transmitted heartworm larva. A study showed that 30 % of the heartworm positive cats that were tested were strictly indoor cats. We have also had families have their house become infested with fleas even if their cat is 100% indoor. You can carry fleas in on your clothing if you have been in an infested house or yard. Revolution is our recommended treatment of choice for all cats. Your cat should have Revolution applied from April through December. It is not a bad idea to give it year round just as we recommend for dogs. It is also important to know there is no treatment for feline heartworm disease. The most serious sign of feline heartworm is sudden death. We have coupons for free doses of Revolution with a minimum purchase.

MANY PUPPIES ACQUIRED FROM PET STORES AND SOME AREA RESCUES HAVE COME FROM PUPPY MILLS RUN IN THE SOUTHWEST AND IN SOME AREAS OF OHIO. The well meaning rescue members are saving the puppies from a less than ideal situation, so the no good deed goes unpunished principle goes into effect. When we learn that a puppy comes from this background we will always recommend a Giardia test in addition to a centrifuge fecal test. Studies and our experience indicate that a high percentage of these puppies test positive for the single cell protozoan parasite called Giardia. The most common sign of Giardia is diarrhea but we hope to make the diagnosis and start treatment before the parasite can cause disease. If your dog has been diagnosed with Giardia it can take several weeks to clear. Infected puppies or dogs need weekly baths as part of the treatment. Recently a healthy looking puppy was presented, as we discussed where the puppy came from we learned that it was a farm that was less than hygienic. The Giardia test was positive and treatment was started before our new canine companion became sick.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD DOGS TO BE BLOOD DONORS. Our demand for blood transfusions seems to vary monthly. Recently we needed a universal donor blood several times in a two week span. At other times we can go a month and not need to collect a transfusion. Because we have to wait a minimum of four weeks and ideally six weeks in between donations, we need a few more universal donors to add to our critical care team. Contact Laura at 419-885-4421 or to learn more about having your dog tested to be a member of our blood donor corp.

ANNUAL WELLNESS TESTING HAS JUST BEEN IMPROVED AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. When we run the yearly blood test for vector transmitted disease we have been testing for Heartworm, Ehrichlia, Lyme disease and Anaplasma. Of course heartworm is mosquito transmitted and the last three are tick born diseases. The test known as 4Dx has been expanded to include new strains of Ehrichlia and Anaplasma. Dubbed 4Dx plus we will now have a more thorough annual test for your pet at no additional cost to you.

COSTCO, WALMART, TARGET, PETCO AND OTHER BIG BOX STORES AND ON-LINE STORES LIKE PET MED EXPRESS ARE SELLING HEARTWORM, FLEA PRODUCTS AND OTHER VETERINARY LABELED DRUGS. Did you know that the manufacturers of the brand name products do not sell these products to any of these outlets? As a matter of fact they do not want them selling the products as they are intended to be sold to clients by a veterinarian. All the big stores obtain the veterinary only products they sell by contracting with a veterinary product diverter. The diverter/middle man gets products from unethical veterinarians that violate the terms of the manufacturer’s sales contract to the vet. The unethical vet then sells to the middle man company for a small mark up. No manufacturer will honor any warrantee, rebate or other special if their product is not purchased through a veterinarian. Recently, Costco has been opening packages and putting pills in an amber bottle which is a violation of state and federal pharmacy laws. The pharmacists at these big box stores do not know pet physiology or the necessary details of each product they sell. Should you have a problem with any veterinary product purchased from big box or on-line they will not be there to answer your questions or concerns. Our prices are very competitive with any prices you will find outside of SylvaniaVET. This does not include any rebates or free goods that accompany a purchase of these products from us and of course we are here 24/7 to answer your questions or concerns. We will not honor phone calls or fax requests from any outside pharmacy to fill these prescriptions. If you wish to buy from an unauthorized supplier we will write you a prescription which you will have to pick up and take or mail to the outlet.

A STUDY OF UNDIGESTIBLE FIBER AND FOOD INTAKE IN DOGS ON WEIGHT LOSS DIETS WAS REECNTLY COMPLETED. The findings were to say the least interesting. It has historically been assumed that if a diet contained more bulk and few calories the pet would feel satisfied and would eat fewer calories. The logic of reduced energy and increased volume of fiber causing appetite satisfaction, satiety, made sense until the theory was studied. Dogs fed the high fiber foods did not show signs of satiety and were very willing to eat more. Another finding was the higher the fiber the negative effects of affecting the diets digestibility, larger stool volume and decreased palatability. The conclusion is that the most effective weight loss diet reduces calorie count by reducing fat and providing a moderate amount of fermentable fiber to promote intestinal health and optimal stool quality. The Iams Company has reformulated their veterinary labeled restricted calorie diet to be called Weight Loss / Mobility Plus. Because many overweight dogs and cats have joint and movement problems this new diet kills two birds with one product, a real win: win. Call A’ndrea, 419-885-4421, to order the new diet. It is 100% guaranteed, if your dog or cat will not eat it the remainder can be returned for a full refund. Both cat and dog diets come in dry and canned form. We have a nice handout on the new diet just ask a team member. There is no diet in the pet store or on the grocery shelves that is comparable to the new Weight Loss/ Mobility Plus diet.

OUR PACKET OF BROCHURES FOR PET HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES is available for the asking. We have screened the 15 or so pet health insurance providers and have selected 7 or 8 that we feel are the best of all available. We do not and do not want to sell pet health insurance but want to help you make a decision concerning an important tool in the health care of your pet. One company, Trupanion, has a truly unique feature that is worth mentioning. Trupanion will provide a month of free pet health insurance if you sign up for their product within 24 hours of your puppies or kittens first visit to the vet. They do not collect a fee or in any way charge for this free service and Trupanion does not eliminate genetic disease from coverage. We do think that pet health insurance is a good idea.

DIAMOND PET FOOD COMPANY ISSUES A RECALL OF PET FOODS BECAUSE OF SALMONELLA BACTERIA CONTAMINATION.For years Diamond has been what we call a wannabe pet food company. That is they wannabe a premium manufacturer but they don’t do the necessary research or quality control to be considered in that category. The Diamond brand food would have you believe they are just as good as all premium diets but this is not the case. In reality they are nothing more than a midlevel food manufacturer that not only makes their brand name product but many other companies lines of pet food as well. One doesn’t know if all the foods they make are the same or if compromises in the name of cost are made. The list of foods being recalled by Diamond is long; Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul, Country Value, Diamond, Diamond Naturals, Premium Edge, Professional, 4Health and Taste of the Wild. In addition a long list of Costco foods branded under the Kirkland name are also recalled. We would encourage you to buy foods from the high quality premium brand companies. We will discuss the difference below. All the recalled foods were sold in Ohio.

THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF PET FOOD COMPANIES, NUTRITION COMPANIES AND PET FOOD PRODUCERS. The difference is significant and one of the few ways that you can make an intelligent decision about what food to purchase. A nutrition company not only produces and sells pet foods but invests profits into extensive quality research into the science of feeding pets. This commitment to furthering the knowledge of nutrition is worth supporting. The majority of pet food research is done by four companies with a well known national brand doing a small amount. The four big players in the nutrition camp are Nestle’ Purina (Proplan, Veterinary line), Hills (Science Diet and Prescription Diets), Iams (Iams, Eukanuba, Iams Veterinary) and Royal Canin (same name both consumer and veterinary). Checker Board Square Purina (Chow line, ONE) is the smaller player of the nutrition companies. On the other hand you have companies like Diamond that just make foods and claims about their diets. Another question you should ask is what do famous people like Paul Newman, Rachael Ray or Dick VanPatton know about feeding pets? Who makes the food for them? What research can they show to prove that their products are as good as they claim?

FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW IVERHEART HAS BEEN RECALLED BY ITS MANUFACTURER. This time it is because of an active ingredient stability issue. Only one lot was recalled, but how can one have confidence in a product that has had to issue a recall two years running for issues related to the most important ingredient? As we do not sell Iverheart, it does not directly affect clients that buy their heartworm preventive from us. However, on-line pharmacies try to switch brand name requests to Iverheart and several area practices recommend and sell Iverheart. We do not understand why anyone would switch to a generic brand when the benefits of the brand name product, Heartgard are so great. In addition to never having a product recall, Heartgard provides a rebate on the purchase of 12 doses, and provides a guarantee against heartworm, roundworm, hookworm and whipworm. It is our experience that you do not save any significant money when you switch to a generic product like the recalled Iverheart.

CANINE URINARY INCONTINENCE NOW HAS A NEW USDA APPROVED TREATMENT. Incurin is an estrogen related product that is now available to the veterinary market. Previous to the licensing of Incurin we had to have diethylstilbestrol compounded if we want to treat incontinence with estrogen. Most dogs are treated with phenyl-prop-an-ol- amine tablets called Proin.

BRAIN AGING ALSO KNOWN AS COGNITIVE DYSFUNCTION CAN BE TREATED WITH THREE NUTRICUETICAL PRODUCTS.Used alone or in combination these three products have shown the ability to help an affected aged dog or cat improve their cognition. Because of the multisystem benefits of fish oil Omega 3 fatty acids we recommend Welactin or similar products for many older pets. Many foods and pet supplements contain flax seed as a source of Omega 3. Unfortunately flax seed is poorly absorbed and utilized by the dog. Senilife is a proprietary combination of several herbs that has shown a real benefit too many pets with cognitive dysfunction. The same is used for liver protection, but has been shown to provide support in diminishing the effects of CD. Denosyl, Denamarin and Novifit are the products we recommend.

A VACCINE AGAINST MALIGNANT MELANOMA HAS JUST BEEN RELEASED FOR USE BY GENERAL PRACTITIONERS. Up to now Merial has only allowed oncology specialists to purchase the vaccine. By early this month we expect to be able to treat our first dog with the vaccine. It will be used in conjunction with radiation therapy at the primary tumor site. It is hoped that the vaccine will prevent the development of metastatic tumors as well as prevent regrowth at the primary site.
Merial also has a new vaccine to treat cats with Grade I fibrosarcoma. The vaccine will be used after surgical removal of the primary tumor. A field test of the new vaccine is about to start in Georgia, North Carolina, New York, Tennessee, Florida and Arizona. All these states have vet schools with oncology departments.

CHINESE REMEDIES MAY CONTAIN ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES was a recent headline in the DVM news magazine. Australian researchers using second generation DNA sequencing found toxic plants like ephedra and asarium. In addition they found animal DNA from endangered species like the Asiatic black bear and Saiga antelope.

RESEARCH HAS SHOWN THAT CATS DO NOT SEE THE VET ENOUGH. Yes, that sounds self-serving but we whole heartedly agree. Whether your cat never goes out and you don’t feel it needs vaccine the annual visit is critical. We can debate the merits of vaccinating a strictly indoor cat but do not ignore the fact that in a single year your adult cat ages the equivalent of 4-5 human years. We know that the trip can be an ordeal for you and the cat so we have a few suggestions to help. ALWAYS USE A STOUT CARRIER. A box can easily be broken out of, cats can and do jump out of your arms; they can get under the gas, brake pedal or the dash board. USE THE SEAT BELT TO ANCHOR THE CARRIER. A sudden stop and flying forward can injure or at the very least freak out your cat forever. BRING THE CARRIER UP AND LEAVE IT OUT for a few days. Put treats inside, spray it with Feliway and line it with a towel. A stressed cat can pee or pooh during transport. The towel protects against our most fastidious pet from being “grossed out” by sitting in its waste. ARRIVE EARLY SO THE CAT CAN ADJUST IN THE EXAM ROOM. If you know that your cat is stressed tell the front desk so that we can get it into a room ASAP to calm down. Our rooms have Feliway diffusers to give a calming effect to the room. DO NOT DUMP THE CAT OUT OF THE CARRIER. Keep your carrier in good condition so that it can easily be taken apart so we can access it and even do its exam in the carrier. DO NOT MANHANDLE OR SCRUFF YOUR CAT. In an adult this is not how to pick up or hold your cat. We will do everything possible to not scruff your cat. If you have not been in recently with your cat we will be contacting you over the next few months to help you schedule a critical annual wellness visit. Cats hide signs of disease until they are really sick. Do not wait until they look sick to you because they may be really ill by the time we see them. Please tell your cat loving friends that we are the only Cat Friendly approved practice in our area.

IF DENTAL SPRAYS OR WATER ADDITIVES ALONE WERE ENOUGH TO MAINTAIN A HEALTHY MOUTH IN DOGS AND CATSwouldn’t the human dental profession and toothpaste manufacturers be all over these products? The truth is most of the products you see or hear advertised are scams and do not work. There will be nothing that will replace brushing as the most effective way to keep your pet’s mouth healthy. With that said all most all dogs and cats will need a professional dental cleaning by our techs and doctors several times in its life. After all don’t we have to see our dentist for a cleaning twice a year even if we brush and floss as recommended?

WELCOME TO SYLVANIA ACE HARDWARE. The new Ace Hardware store is located at the corner of Monroe and Main in the old Rite Aid building. This is a welcome return of a downtown Sylvania necessity, a hardware store. Since the closing of Chandlers, which incidentally is a great coffee show now, we have had to battle heavy traffic, big parking lots and square footage that requires a rest stop before checking out. I had the pleasure of a quick trip Sunday morning and received great and fast personal service.

TWELVE DRUG SNIFFING DOGS ARE STATIONED IN AFGHANISTAN with the Ohio National Guard. These dogs are trained to sniff explosives which help save soldiers lives. The dogs handlers love go get letter from animal lovers written to their dogs. They do not need care packages for the dogs, but you can send a letter of support for their dogs to Midwest Living, Attn: Buckeye Brigade, 1716 Locust St Des Moines, IA 50309. They will send the letters on to our soldiers and their hard working dogs.