Pet Health Insurance

Pet health insurance is a good idea for all pet owners. Pet insurance has not yet been widely accepted by the pet owning public in the US. Only about 2% of US pet owners have a pet health insurance policy. In Europe 20% of families are covered by pet insurance. The pet insurance industry must think an influx of insurance purchases is in the offering. There are at least eight companies offering pet insurance to pet owners in the US.  These companies recognize that there is an untapped market for pet insurance.

Pet health insurance works similarly to car insurance. There is a co-pay for each new pet insurance claim and a deductible paid each year. There are limits on what is covered and the amount of the coverage. Like car insurance, basic policies do not cover routine care. Add-on coverage, like a car policy rider, can also be purchased.  In most cases we do not think the routine care rider makes much sense. The policy should cover large expenses created by illness or injury.

SylvaniaVET has had a very positive experience with the pet insurance companies they have worked with. They pay what is submitted less co-pay and deductibles. They rarely question the claim and are very prompt with their payments. We require the client to pay the bill. The insurance company then reimburses the client.  This system has worked very well for SylvaniaVET.

Many policies have exclusions for breed-associated problems, like hip dysplasia in Labs, and for pre-existing conditions. We encourage you to purchase a policy when your pet is a puppy or kitten and maintain it throughout its life.  Premiums are very reasonable and affordable for most pet owners.  We encourage you to shop different companies until you find the one that is right for you.

Here are some of the pet health insurance companies we know about.

VPI the oldest and largest company:


Purina Care:

Pets Best:

General health insurance:

Pet Health Insurance:

AKC Pet Health Care Plan:

Pet insurance by Trupanion:


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