All dogs and cats are brushed, bathed, massaged, blown dry, trimmed, nails trimmed, anals expressed, ears plucked and cleaned and teeth checked at each visit.

If any pet is with us over 3-4 hours they are walked and given water and a snack.

Hydrosurge warm water massage baths are available and are doing more than keeping our grooming clients clean. Older pets’ sore, stiff joints and muscles may actually feel better after their hydrosurge bath. We have discovered that older pets with stiff, achy muscles or joints are more comfortable after a hydrosurge session. Many pets that hated baths seem more cooperative and willing to be bathed now that they are getting a hydrosurge bath. Pets with crusty, scaly, infected skin respond to treatment quicker with a hydrosurge medicated bath.

Our groomers also offer a technique called carding to help remove excess hair from pets to dramatically reduce the amount of hair they lose around the house.

Grooming is by appointment six days a week. They will make every effort to accommodate the most difficult request. The groomers work with the doctors and techs when a difficult pet needs to be sedated. This is only done with your approval. We will groom pets that have been refused by other groomers.