Doggie Daycare


Daycare is an enjoyable, recreational, and educational experience for dogs. Rather than leave your dog at home all day while you work or attend other activities, we recommend daycare. You will be happier and feel less guilty, and your dog will definitely have a better time than being home alone all day. Your home will not suffer from the effects of canine boredom or separation anxiety.

Going to daycare will also help your dog develop independence when you are away, which will lessen the possibility of it developing separation anxiety. Daycare will enhance the bond you have with your pet. It is a great way to exercise and entertain your dog while you work, shop, or spend the day away. Enjoy the benefits of a happy, relaxed dog when you get home. If your dog is scheduled for grooming or a doctor’s appointment, why not treat him to some playtime in daycare before his appointment in the grooming salon or with the doctor?

Dogs enjoy the climate controlled, indoor playroom with special rubber flooring and a spacious, fenced outdoor play yard, while socializing with canine friends.

A typical day includes playing with other dogs, as well as toys and an agility hide-and-seek apparatus. They are always supervised and get plenty of individual love and attention from our caring staff. For naps and private time there are dog crates and comfortable beds.

Dogs must complete an acceptance interview with their owner before attending daycare and have updated vaccines before entering to play. Applications may be filled out in advance, but an appointment must be scheduled for the interview. This interview is free of charge and takes approximately 1 hour. Pre-approved dogs scheduled for boarding or Never Home Alone programs (see our Boarding page) may also book time in daycare during their stay. All dogs must be spayed or neutered after 6 months of age in order to come to daycare.

Daycare Hours:
Monday through Friday 7:00am- 6:00pm
Saturday 8:00am-2:00pm

Your canine friend can spend anywhere from 1 hour to all day in daycare!

We ask that all daycare be scheduled in advanced, as we fill up fast and space is limited. Usually 24 hours is sufficient notice.

Fees are charged at hourly, daily, or weekly rates. We have special rates for boarding guests, multiple dogs from the same family, and a punch card program.

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