Community Services

Critical Care Team/Blood Bank

Our Critical Care Team maintains a blood bank that has saved many lives. SylvaniaVET has a “On call blood donor team”. For more information please refer to the Service section of our website entitled Critical Care Team/Blood Bank.

“Expert” Information

-Dr. Bob produces an article for the Village Life & Home magazine titled "In the Lick of Time"
-Dr. Bob also writes a monthly electronic newsletter. The Monthly "FYI" is sent to anyone registered on our website, you can also find older issues here!
-Our Doctors are frequently asked to be on-camera for local news stations.
- Dr. Bob is also a fill in expert for Channel 13 on the “Ask the Expert” segment.
- Our staff frequently hosts high school and college students interested in Veterinary Medicine as a career. We have young guests visit for a few hours on a one-time basis, as well as regular weekly attendance for an extended period of time.
-Our doctors and staff often speak at career day events at local schools, or in classrooms. We also welcome scout troops and small groups to tour our facility! 

Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Program

The program is available to anyone who would like to control the stray cat population in their neighborhood. The fee charged represents a greater than 50% discount off our regular fees. Once the stray cat is captured, it will be tested for Felv/Fiv. The cat will also receive a 1 year rabies accination, a worming shot, and then we will spay or neuter it. The feral cats’ ear is also notched. The notched ear is to help mark it in the event that it is caught again. The feral cat goes back home that same night and is then returned to its territory. This neuter-release program has proven to be an effective method of decreasing the size of feral cat populations around the country. A recent study funded by the Morris Animal Foundation supports the effectiveness of this program.

Humane Organization Support

SylvaniaVET works with several local animal rescue and humane organizations. In addition to providing care for their animals, SylvaniaVET hold an annual "Pet-Pal-Ooza" in September, which helps multiple rescue and humane organizations to find good loving homes for their animals. We also offer tables to local vendors selling pet related products, these proceeds benefit our Memorial Foundation. For information on the next Pet-pal-ooza, visit our Facebook page!

K-9 Cops

Our doctors provide routine and medical-surgical care for a number of local police dogs. We care for dogs from the US Customs, State Highway Patrol, Bureau of Criminal Investigations, Federal Air Marshal and the dogs from other local police departments. SylvaniaVET is proud to be available to our Canine Officers 24/7. Not only do we provide care, we have developed and help maintain emergency first aid kits for the officers’ cars. We have also provided the handlers with instruction on how to use the emergency kit.

Keep Lucas County Beautiful

Keep Lucas County Beautiful/Adopt-a-road is a great program designed to involve the community in helping to keep our roadsides litter free. SylvaniaVET is responsible for 2.5 miles of road.Starting at Convent and Main St.which changes over to Holland-Sylvania Rd. south to Central Ave. Several times each year a group of SylvaniaVET team members and clients gather to pick up trash along our section of road. If you would like to help on our next pick-up just call the office and leave your name at the front desk.

Memories Live On Animal Foundation

The foundation is a non-profit organization of SylvaniaVET. Money raised by the foundation is used to fund many worthwhile causes.

An annual $2,500 scholarship is awarded to a NW Ohio OSU veterinary student.
Resources are made available for assisting sick or injured strays or pets of needy families.
Donations are made to humane organizations to support their work to care for homeless or unwanted dogs and cats.

The Memorial Garden is located adjacent to our entrance off Holland-Sylvania. It is located between two beautiful, mature Blue Spruce trees. The garden has a beautiful sculpture, Embracing Memories, in the center of the memorial bricks honoring beloved pets.

For more information about the foundation, visit our Memories Live On page.

Metro Park Programs

If you frequent Wildwood Metro Park, you may be familiar with the running water drinking fountain for dogs, located in the courtyard of the Visitor Center. Several years ago we donated this fountain so that dogs, accompanying their owners on walks, would not dehydrate or overheat. There is also a fountain on the University Trail at Richards Rd. funded by SylvaniaVET. We also started the Metro Park pooper-scooper stations many years ago at Wildwood Metro Park. The success of this program saved Wildwood as a dog friendly park. The local veterinary association has taken over sponsorship of the scooper stations at all area Metro Parks. Mutt Mitts are now being used at selected Metro Parks pooper-scooper stations. The Mutt Mitt is unique in that the plastic is biodegradable. Poop pick-ups are now simple. It is sanitary for you and does not leave plastic bags of dog poop in the landfill for hundreds of years. SylvaniaVET has also funded scooper stations at the Sylvania Historical Village and Harroun Park along Ten Mile Creek.

Organizations Support

We have a community meeting room available for any local animal related or charitable organization at no charge. The space is large enough to easily accommodate 20 people. You are welcome to bring food, drink and a speaker.

  • We will happily provide a tour of our hospital.
  • We can provide a guest speaker for your group or organization events upon request.
  • We will provide prizes for most charitable organizations fundraising.
  • We give tours of our facility to organizations of all ages and sizes.

Pet Loss Support

The Pet Loss Support Group began in 1999 to help people cope with the loss of an animal friend. The group is facilitated by a trained and compassionate grief counselor. The group meets once a month at Christ Presbyterian Church. For more information about the group and pet memorials visit our Pet Loss Support page.

Veterinary Medical Assistance Team

Dr. Jennifer Tate is a member of the National Veterinary Medical Assistance Team (VMAT) controlled in North Carolina. Her training involved several aspects of crisis and disaster management. She is called to assist in times of regional or national disaster or possible severe agricultural crises. She is also working with local officials to develop a disaster response program for NW Ohio. Dr. Jen was asked to become involved in the organization of the disaster management programs for the entire state. Through her volunteer work on the national VMAT team, Dr. Jen has learned much about the complexities of providing basic care to areas affected by natural or man-made disasters.

Dr. Jen and several staff members are also members of a regional disaster response team, DART. They have assisted animals affected by flooding and pets displaced by apartment or house fires. Dr Jen’s reputation on the local and state level is top notch.

For more information about VMAT visit