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We have the facilities and 24 hour staff to accommodate any pet that requires hospitalization. While getting much needed cage rest, your pet is carefully monitored.

Our Registered Veterinary Technicians administer medications and are able to monitor the pet’s comfort and condition, including I.V. lines and body temperature, while your pet is getting much needed cage rest. We are able to ensure that painful pets are receiving necessary medications either through the I.V line, or orally.


We have isolation cages available for pets with contagious diseases, and protocols in place to prevent the spread of disease. There are oxygen cages for pets in respiratory distress, and our Intensive Care cage for small critical care patients allows ambient temperature control, oxygen supplementation and a nebulizer. With our DeVillbis Oxygen Generator machine we have an unlimited supply of oxygen for high-risk patients in our intensive care cage or with an oxygen nasal catheter. Our dog ward runs feature radiant floor heating. 

Patients waking up from surgery have respiratory rate, heart rate, and body temperature monitored until the patient is awake and alert. Once stable, they continue recovery in a run with heated floors. All hospitalized patients receive daily follow up exams, and treatment may be altered depending on the progress of the patient. 

We have all the benefits of a large fully equipped hospital with the personal attention of a small town practice.