Cardiology is the study of conditions and diseases of the heart. Here at SylvaniaVet, our doctors have in-hospital radiology, electrocardiography and ultrasound machines  to help diagnose and monitor heart problems. Testing blood pressure on dogs and cats is not as easy as it is for humans, but use tips from our Fear Free program to keep the patient calm and to get an accurate reading.

The use of this equipment is not only beneficial to patients exhibiting symptoms of heart issues, but also has helps us discover problems prior to procedures performed under anesthesia. While under anesthesia, every patient has their vitals monitored and recorded by a licensed veterinary technician.

We have also added the ability to use a Holter monitor to track long-term but infrequent ECG problems.Typically a patient must see a specialist for this service, and there is often a charge of over $500. We can also monitor high risk patients without having to keep cables attached. The Bluetooth remote monitoring technology is state-of-the art in vet med.

General practitioners are not qualified to do echocardiograms and make a proper diagnosis when one is necessary. For this reason we regularly refer to  board certified cardiologists for proper diagnosis. Even though we have an advanced ultrasound machine, we recognize our limitations and make the referral when necessary. Unfortunately, there is no cardiologist in the area, so we typically to refer to specialty practices in the Detroit area. We are working to have a cardiologist come to SylvaniaVET periodically so the service is more convenient, however this is unavailable at this time.