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SylvaniaVET strives to stay current on the latest reproductive medical advancements. Our doctors and staff enjoy the teamwork in dealing with responsible breeders. Our goal is to use your unique knowledge and experience, combined with our medical expertise, to improve the quality of your breed. SylvaniaVET is available for your breeder services 24/7/365, including holidays, offering the majority of reproductive services many out-of-town veterinary specialties offer. 

Breeder Services include:

House Call Annual Wellness Visits

Pets-a-Plenty discounted services for breeders with 6 or more animals (both purebred and non-purebred)

Breeding Soundness Evaluations:

  • Breed Specific Testing to fulfill CHIC Requirements
  • OFA Radiographs
  • In Hospital Thyroid Testing
  • Brucellosis Testing
  • Semen Evaluation
  • Microchipping

In-Hospital Progesterone Testing provides breeders with timely, accurate results used in Breeding and C-Section timings

Artificial Insemination (AI)

SylvaniaVET has the facility to provide quality services for male and female services. These services include for the stud dog:

  • Collect Real Time for AI
  • Collect for Fresh Chilled Shipping
  • Services for the breeding bitch include:
  • Vaginal Insemination
  • Surgical AI

Pregnancy Services

  • Ultrasound for Pregnancy and Fetal Viability
  • Radiographs to count Fetal Numbers
  • Pregnancy and Delivery Counseling
  • In Hospital Labor Watch
  • C-Sections: Scheduled or 24-hr Emergency
  • Post-Delivery Exam including: Puppy tails and dewclaws

If you are an experienced breeder, SylvaniaVET wants to be a part of your team. Our doctors will always be there to work with you pre-breeding, during whelping, and post-birth. We recognize you have a unique breed with specific knowledge, that as a team, will help us ensure quality care and medicine during your breeding experience. If you are a new breeder, SylvaniaVET provides around the clock support to help you with your new breeding program.


By appointment, one of our doctors can come to your kennel for all important annual wellness exams, vaccines, and blood testing. There is a travel surcharge fee that is dependent on distance from our hospital.

Pets-a-Plenty Discounts

Pets-a-Plenty discounts are offered for households with 6 or more animals as long as a yearly annual wellness exams are maintained for each pet. Not all the dogs or cats need to be purebred.

Breeding Soundness Evaluations:

Breed Specific Testing to fulfill CHIC requirements.

The Canine Health Information Center (CHIC), is a database designed to help responsible breeders and owners of purebred dogs to maintain information on specific health concerns for different breeds. With the partnership between the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Canine Health Foundation (CHF), and co-sponsorship by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), breeders can responsibly breed purebred dogs that lack specific congenital, breed-specific diseases.

SylvaniaVET will help breeders achieve their CHIC certification by helping test for unwanted breed-specific genetic diseases. Further information regarding CHIC can be found at 

OFA radiographs should be performed under a surgical plane of anesthesia per OFA recommendations. Radiographs using only physical restraint or sedation are accepted, but may give a false reading. Breeders concerned about improving the breed standard should strive towards using the best technique to eliminate unwanted results. SylvaniaVET does not currently do PennHip, but would undergo certification if there was enough demand.

SylvaniaVET has the ability to do in hospital thyroid testing to check T3, T4, and TSH levels. These three thyroid levels are used for screening and diagnostic purposes.

Brucellosis testing is performed by drawing a small amount of blood from your breeding dog(s). It normally takes 2-3 days to have these results returned. Some hospitals offer an in house screening test, which recent studies have deemed unreliable.

Microchipping is a form of permanent identification required by OFA for certification. Implanting a microchip is quick, and may be done on any animal. SylvaniaVET will send in all the registration information for breeders to HOMEAGAIN.

SylvaniaVET offers same day, in hospital progesterone testing. This provides breeders with timely, accurate results. Progesterone levels are important in determining when to breed either by traditional or surgical AI. Levels are also used to monitor high risk pregnancies for abnormal hormone drops. Should progesterone levels abnormally drop, our doctors are able to supplement progesterone to bring the pregnancy to term. Progesterone is also important in determining when a dog is going to whelp or will need a scheduled C-section. As the pregnancy is almost over, dropping hormone levels can be monitored to help determine when puppies have reached gestational maturity.

Artificial Insemination

SylvaniaVET has the facility to provide quality services for both the male and female. These services include for the stud dog: collect for real-time AI or fresh chilled shipping. Services for the breeding bitch include: vaginal insemination and surgical AI.

Pregnancy Services
Ultrasound for pregnancy and fetal viability can be performed as early as 21 days in pregnancy. Ultrasound can also be used to evaluate ovaries and uterine horns in females that are having a difficult time conceiving.

Radiographs to Count Fetal Numbers

Radiographs can be done 5-7 days prior to whelping, and will allow the breeder to know how many puppies to expect for this pregnancy. This is important in knowing when a free whelping bitch has delivered all her puppies, or to help adequately prepare for the arrival of the puppies during a C-section.

Pregnancy and Delivery Counseling

SylvaniaVET works as a team with breeders to provide excellent prenatal medical care, and to be available during whelping, and post birth. It is important to understand the whelping patterns of the breed, as well as the pregnant bitch. Our doctors and staff strive for uneventful whelpings, and healthy puppies through counseling. This is achieved by providing supplemental literature and handouts, and being available to take phone calls 24-hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Labor Watch

SylvaniaVET offers a unique service called In Hospital Labor Watch. Many breeders know that a majority of whelpings occur at inconvenient times (during work hours and holidays). Our hospital offers a service where a full term bitch can board in hospital under constant supervision to monitor for the early signs of labor. We can also closely watch the delivery to ensure it is progressing smoothly. This service gives breeders peace of mind while they are working or away from home around the time that the puppies are due. If difficulties arise, our doctors are available to assist or perform a c-section as needed.

Scheduled or 24-hr Emergency C-Section

SylvaniaVET is a functioning hospital around the clock. Our ability to monitor progesterone, perform labor watch, and pregnancy counseling allows our doctors to help determine whether a bitch will free whelp or will need a C-section. Our highly trained staff are comfortable with recovering puppies post C-section. Should a breeder have an emergency, our hospital’s 24-hr emergency service is able to perform a C-section after hours.

Post-Delivery Exam including:

During our post-delivery exam, our doctors are able to dock puppy tails and remove dewclaws as recommended by breed standards. Our hospital does not crop ears.