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Memories Live On Animal Foundation

The Memorial Foundation

A non-profit foundation of the Sylvania Veterinary Hospital celebrating the joy of pets in our lives.


Dr. Bob Esplin, founder of The Sylvania Veterinary Hospital, began the journey to owning a successful veterinary practice as a sophomore in high school. There was no epiphany, just an enjoyment of his family pets, Daiquiri, a mixed breed Sheltie and Lin-TOO, a seal point Siamese. Along the way his wife, Carol, played a huge role in the overall success of the practice. Though not directly involved in day-to-day operations, her support allowed Dr. Bob to pursue his dream. The Memories Live On Animal Foundation honors the joy which pets bring to all of us. It is the Esplin’s hope that the foundation will leave a legacy that shows the importance of pets in the lives of everyone.

Mission Statement

To celebrate the joy a pet brings to every human touched by their unconditional love.


To receive tax deductible funds given to celebrate the life of a loving pet and to distribute these funds in a manner compatible with the Foundation’s Mission Statement.

Distribution of Funds

Dr. Bob and Carol Fund
An annual $2,500 scholarship will be awarded to NW Ohio OSU veterinary student. Scholarship recipients will be determined by the scholarship committee of the OSU veterinary college.

Suki Fund
This fund honors all the pets owned by members of Dr. Bob’s and Carol’s family members. Resources will be made available for assisting sick or injured strays or pets of needy families. Money will be used for medical-surgical care and supplies. Immediate decisions will be made by approval of three board members. THIS IS THE HOSPITALS GOOD SAM ARITIAN FUND

Daiquiri-TOO Fund
Donations from this fund will be made to humane organizations to support their work to care for homeless or unwanted dogs and cats. Requests for funds will be presented to the board at a regular meeting and authorization will be made by majority vote.

Duey Fund
Named for one of the many beautiful cats owned by Diane and Art Stange, great supporters of our office and pet care. Diane died prematurely and this fund honors her memory. One project for the Duey fund will be the development of an animal therapy program. Other uses will be at the discretion of the fund’s director, Art Stange, and a committee of hospital employees appointed by Mr. Stange.

S.L. Koeberlein “Aunt Bootie” Endowment
Our newest fund is designed to provide perpetual funding for the Foundation. Seed funds came from the estate of Aunt Bootie, Dr. Jen’s animal loving great-aunt. A portion of growth proceeds from this fund is transferred first, to the Suki Fund, and then to all other funds.

Monies donated will be distributed in the following manner unless a donation is specified to a specific fund. Dr. Bob and Carol Fund: 30%, Duey Fund: 20%, Daiquiri-TOO Fund: 15%, Suki Fund: 20%, Bootie Fund Endowment: 15%. All money received will be deposited in a dedicated account. Two signatures will be required to withdraw funds from the account.

Contributions can be made through the hospital by mailing a check, made payable to The Memories Live On Foundation. Please send it ATTN: A'ndrea. If you wish to designate a specific fund, please write the fund name in the memo portion of your check. We appreciate your support.

Memorial bricks purchased in the name of a loved pet are placed in the beautiful and serene memorial garden located at the northeast section of the hospital campus. The beautiful sculpture, Embracing Memories, centers the brick garden.