History of SylvaniaVET


In 1974, ready to start his own practice,Dr. Robert Esplin returned to his home town to start Sylvania Veterinary Hospital.  From the beginning his plan was to offer a special brand of veterinary care that included a 100% commitment to be there for his clients and patients.  The modern, 16,000 square foot SylvaniaVET is the culmination of this commitment. We are bigger now but our commitment to quality, compassion, thorough patient care, and customer service remains the same more than 35 years later.

In 1978 SylvaniaVET became an inspected and certified member of the American Animal Hospital Association. Regular inspections by AAHA confirmed that our hospital met or exceeded the highest standards of the profession. Until well into the 21st century SylvaniaVET was the only area practice that was ever inspected for meeting even the most minimal standards of pet care. Even in 2010 there are only two other practices that chose to meet AAHA standards. We are proud of our long standing commitment to high quality care.


SylvaniaVET is not the average neighborhood practice, but a 24/7 pet care destination.  Our goal is to provide all the services a pet owner might need for their pet. Our building was designed with the comfort and safety of our patients in mind.  In addition to all standard veterinary services SylvaniaVET offers boarding, grooming, doggy day care, obedience classes, physical rehabilitation and hydrotherapy, a well stocked retail space and many more services too numerous to mention. We are constantly looking at new treatment methods, new equipment and new services we might offer.

Our 24/7 commitment is unique to this region. No other general practice has staffing ‘round the clock seven days a week which enables us to answer the phones whenever you call.  No other general practice answers their phones ‘round the clock. One of our highly trained technicians and an assistant is always in the building providing care to our patients and boarding guests. One of our doctors is always on call and will come in when necessary to provide emergency after hours care.  It is reassuring to know that in an emergency your doctor knows your pet and its medical history, and lab work and x-rays are here for review if necessary. Another special and unique feature of SylvaniaVET care is our policy of 24/7 visitation of hospitalized pets.

SylvaniaVET has been voted, by readers of the Toledo City Paper, BEST VET for five consecutive years (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011). We are proud of this honor and constantly strive to do better and earn the next award. We could go on and on about what makes SylvaniaVET special, but the best way to learn is to come visit us for a tour or make your first appointment.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Sylvania Veterinary Hospital is a commitment to superior care, education and service to our patients, clients and staff. We are our patients’ healthcare advocate.